Where Is Carolyn Folks Now? Facts About Byron Allen’s Mother

By Kritika Udas | Published on: March 1, 2024 | Updated on: March 1, 2024
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Carolyn Folks is popularly known as the mother of comedian Byron Allen. The mother-son relationship is so special as Carolyn dedicated herself to raising and nurturing her son Allen as a single mom. So, who is Byron’s biological father? 

Beyond her exceptional motherhood, Folks has established herself as an executive producer who has worked on numerous movies and shows which have garnered acclaim and acknowledgment through various prestigious awards.

Key Takeaways:

  • Carolyn’s parents are Charles Hill and Eddie Mae Hill.
  • She works as an executive producer for Entertainment Studios, her son’s company.
  • Carolyn was married to her late ex-husband Alvin Folks in the past. 
  • She uses her married name rather than her maiden name.
  • Folks is a Daytime Emmy Award winner. 
  • Her Allen bought a $5 million house in the Hollywood Hills so his mom could live closer to him. 

Who Is ? 

Byron Allen’s mother Folks is an African-American executive producer and writer at Entertainment Studios based in Los Angeles. She was born on 31 Mar 1944, to her father, Charles Hill, and mother, Eddie Mae Hill.

Carolyn is the mother of Byron Allen.
Carolyn is an executive producer.

Throughout her career, the celebrity mom has achieved notable recognition for her remarkable contributions to the film industry. Some of her most prominent works include “Boss Level,” “47 Meters Down: Uncaged,” and “Replicas,” among other notable projects.

Furthermore, as an executive producer, Folks plays a pivotal role in overseeing and managing various aspects of film and television projects. Her contributions extend beyond production, as Carolyn also brings her creative talents to the table as a skilled writer.

Carolyn’s Son Byron Allen Is A Popular Comedian

Her son Byron Allen is a multi-talented individual who has made significant contributions in both the entertainment and business sectors. Alongside his successful career as a comedian, Byron has ventured into entrepreneurship and has left an indelible mark on the media industry.

Folks has a famous son Byron.
Carolyn’s son Byron is a comedian.

Additionally, in 1993, Allen found Entertainment Studios, a prominent company that produces television and film, broadcasting, and digital media. He is also the founder, chairman, and CEO of Allen Media Group.

Moreover, the entertainer is currently in his 60s and shares a fulfilling life with his wife, Jennifer Lucas, and their children.

Carolyn Has Three Grandchildren

Folks is the grandmother of three grandchildren namely Olivia Rose Allen, Lucas Byron Allen, and Chloe Ava Allen from her son Allen’s relationship with his wife Jennifer. Her oldest granddaughter, Chloe, was born on 22 August 2008. Olivia was born two years later on 7 April 2010, and Lucas was born on 11 December 2012.

Folks has three grandchildren.
Byron and his wife and children.

As a grandmother, Carolyn embraces the role of love and affection, nurturing her grandchildren and creating lasting bonds with each of them.

Who Is ‘ Husband?

In the past, Carolyn was married to her late ex-hubby named Alvin Folks. Her husband Folsk was the son of Leroy and Johnie Mae Folks. As for his professional life, Alvin dedicated a significant portion of his life, precisely three decades, to his employment at Ford Motor Co. and Great Lakes Street.

His commitment to his work left a profound impact on their son’s determination and ambition as Allen grew into adulthood.

The Folks Couple Married in the 1950s  

Carolyn and her spouse Alvin got married sometime in the 1950s and had their son, Byron Allen, on 22 April 1961. At the time of their son’s birth, Carolyn was just 17 years old. However, their marital relationship didn’t go as per their plan. 

Carolyn is divorced from her ex-partner in the 1960s.
Byron and Carolyn when they were younger.

Sadly enough, they got divorced in the mid-1960s. After her separation, Folks embarked on a new chapter in her life as a single mother. In 1968, Folks made the bold decision to move to Los Angeles, bringing her eight-year-old son along with her. 

Also Began Working Side By Side While Raising Her Son 

As a single mother, Carolyn faced the challenge of raising her son while also building her own career. She went to UCLA as a film and TV undergraduate and then worked at NBC Studios as an intern, tour guide, and network publicist.

Moreover, it was during this time, her son would find himself drawn to the captivating world of television. While Folks worked at NBC Studios, Byron would seize the opportunity to explore the set of “The Tonight Show” and would sneak onto the set and find his way behind the host Johnny Carson’s desk.

She Has Not Changed Her Surname Even After Separating From Her Ex-Husband

Despite divorcing her ex-husband, Carolyn, formerly Carolyn Hill, has chosen to retain her married name rather than revert to her maiden name.

Even though the legal dissolution of their marriage occurred, Allen’s mom continues to identify herself as Carolyn Folks rather than Carolyn Hill. 

Her Ex-Husband Alvin Died in Late 2019

Unfortunately, Carolyn’s ex-husband Alvin passed away on 21 December 2019 and was mourned at  A.J. Desmond & Sons Funeral home. Born on April 18, 1940, Folks was 79 years old at the time of his passing. 

How Did She Start Her Career?

After venturing into the entertainment industry, Folks started her career as a writer and executive producer for “The Byron Allen Show” in 1989. While her work as a writer concluded after her time on “The Byron Allen Show”, Folks’ passion for producing remained steadfast.

Carolyn and her son when Allen was inducted into the Hollywood Walk of Fame.
Carolyn’s son received the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Over the years, she transitioned her focus primarily to the role of executive producer. To date, she has produced a total of 32 movies and shows.

Byron Allen’s Mother Is An Emmy Award Winner

In 2012, Carolyn received recognition for her outstanding work when she won a Daytime Emmy Award for her work in Cars. TV. Plus, she has been nominated four more times for a Daytime Emmy in different genres.

For instance, she was nominated for three Daytime Emmy Awards in the category of Outstanding Legal/Courtroom Program for contributions to the acclaimed show “Justice for All with Judge Cristina Perez”, “America’s Court with Judge Ross”, and “We the People with Gloria Allred”.

Folks has won an emmy.
Carolyn has been nominated for numerous awards.

Additionally, she has also been nominated for the category of Outstanding Arts and Popular Culture Program for her work in “The American Athlete”.

Her Movie Rankings

Among the 32 movies and series Carolyn has worked on, “The Hurricane Heist” stands out as the highest-rated film, earning a score of 47% on the Tomatometer. On the other hand, her lowest-rated movie is “Replicas” with a score of just 11%.

In addition to her critical acclaim, she has been the top-grossing executive producer at the Domestic, International, and Worldwide Box Office with the rank of 1,499, 1774, and 1646 respectively.

What Is ‘ Net Worth?

Carolyn has an estimated net worth of $1.2 million. She earns this hefty sum from her successful career as an executive producer at Entertainment Studios.

Carolyn lives a luxurious lifestyle.
Folks has an estimated net worth of $1.2 million.

In contrast, her son has made significant strides in both the entertainment and business worlds. He is recognized as one of the wealthiest African-Americans, with an impressive net worth of approximately $800 million.

Additionally, Entertainment Studios holds a substantial market capitalization, surpassing the notable benchmark of $1 billion.

What Is Carolyn Doing Now?

Currently, Byron Allen’s mother is engaged in pre-producing a biopic of James Baldwin, a project that captivates audiences by portraying the life and achievements of the remarkable individual. 

As for her current residence, Folks now resides in a two-bedroom house in Century Hill, Los Angeles, California, USA. Before that, the celebrity mother used to live in the Hollywood Hills section of Los Angeles.

In fact, it was her son Allen who bought her a house there for $5 million to be close to his mother. The 4,000-square-foot home has a four-bedroom. 


How old is Carolyn?

She is 79 years old as of 2023.

What is her ethnicity?

She is an African-American woman.