Where is Ernest Ray Lynn Now? All About Loretta Lynn’s Son

By Aarone Hernandez | Published on: March 2, 2024 | Updated on: March 2, 2024
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Ernest Ray Lynn is popularly known as the son of the esteemed country music singer, Loretta Lynn. Like her, Ernest is also into good ol’ country music. Now, apart from this, what was Ernest’s life like in the earlier days? Where is Lynn today?

Well, as you read the article further, you will get all the answers you’re looking for. So, if you want to know more about Loretta Lynn’s son, aka, her “best friend”, read the article below!

Key Takeaways:

  • Ernest was born on 27th May 1951 to his parents, Loretta Lynn and Oliver Lynn. He celebrated his 72nd birthday in 2023.
  • He is popularly known as Ernie Lynn.
  • He grew up with 5 siblings – Betty Sue, Jack Benny, Cissy Lynn, Peggy Jean, and Patsy Eileen.
  • Lynn was formally into country music like his mother. He sang alongside Loretta on different occasions. Currently, the artist runs a YouTube channel.
  • He is now married to his second wife, Crystal Lynn.
  • He has a daughter named Tayla Lynn from his first marriage. She is also a singer. Likewise, Ernest also has a secret daughter in Australia named, Alex Amaretto.
  • His mother passed away on 4th October 2022 in her sleep.
  • Ernest has a net worth of $3 million.

Where is Now? His Current Whereabouts

As of 2023, Lynn lives happily with his partner, Crystal in Hurricane Mills, Humphreys County, Tennessee. Furthermore, it is actually his mother’s ranch where the husband-wife duo live currently in.

Together, they have a pretty laid-back lifestyle; both do some farming and take care of the horses his mom left them.

Ernest “Ernie” Lynn’s Parents & Early Life

Born on 27th May 1951, Ernest “Ernie” Ray Lynn, 72 is the son of Loretta Lynn and Oliver “Doolittle” Lynn. Growing up, Lynn’s seen both of his parents on a pedestal – Loretta was an award-winning country singer, while her partner was a famed talent manager.

Ernie Lynn's family, including his parents, Loretta and Oliver
An old picture of Ernest Ray with the rest of his family

Unfortunately, both of his parents have already passed away by now.

Ray Lynn’s Mother Went Through a Miscarage and Loneliness

Now, despite the incredible life Ray’s been gifted with ever since a young boy, his late mother had to face a million hardships when he and his siblings were young. To add, she faced two miscarriages before her Ernie was born and had to suffer alone.

Moreover, throughout his childhood, his dad was mostly absent from his life. While Loretta was pregnant with her boy, Oliver only paid her a visit once in a while. Even more so, he only met his newborn son after six days of the delivery. Furthermore, during an interview, she once explained,

“I was there that whole week watching women’s husbands walk up the drive carrying flowers and candy. I remember how the doctor who delivered Ernest Ray was real mad at Doo for not being with me, and for being so hard to find.”

So sadly, Ernest did not have a normal childhood because of the dynamics of his parents’ relationship. Regardless of anything, the One’s on the Way singer did her very best to give her son the life he deserves.

How Many Siblings Does Have?

Ray’s parents gave birth to 6 children in the course of their marriage, including him. Hence, in total, he has 5 siblings – one brother and four sisters.

Betty Sue Lynn is the eldest of all her siblings. She was born on 26th November 1948. After Betty, his older late brother Jack Benny Lynn was born on 7th December 1949.

Likewise, the rest of Ernie’s 3 sisters are younger than him – Clara “Cissy” Lynn was born on 7th April 1952, and his twin sisters, Peggy Jean and Patsy Eileen were welcomed into this world on 6th August 1964.

What Happened To Betty Sue & Jack Benny?

Sadly, among the 5 siblings he had, Betty Sue and Jack Benny have already passed away. On 29th July 2013, Betty died at the age of 64 years. According to the sources, she was suffering from emphysema, making it the cause of her death as well.

Similarly, his only brother, Jack died at the young age of 34 on 24th July 1984. Apparently, Benny died after drowning in the Duck River in Hurricane Mills, Tennessee. His death was a tragic one that left the Lynn family heartbroken for years.

Ernest Is Interested In The Music World Like His Mother

Ever since he was a young boy, Ernest was mesmerized by his mother and her musical performances. So, as he grew up, he wanted to be a part of the musical world as well.

Thankfully, because of how famous Loretta was, her son began his own career in music. Furthermore, he would often appear on stage shows alongside her. Similarly, he loved country music as much as she did as well.

The late singer, Loretta Lynn considered her son Ernest her "bestfriend"
Loretta pictured with her boy on stage

Unfortunately, Ray did not have a long career in country music as his mom did. Even more so, he left the hustle and bustle of showbiz some years back.

Currently, Ernest sometimes uploads acoustic covers on YouTube. He is the owner of the channel, Country Rebel. Most recently, he posted a cover of the song, Troubadour which became a massive hit.

Is Now Happily Married To His 2nd Wife

Ernest Lynn is a happily married man who has been in a blissful marital relationship with his wife, Crystal Lynn for years. Over the years, the husband-wife duo has not been very open regarding their married life.

In fact, it is also unknown in which year they tied the knot. However, their marriage anniversary falls on the 22nd of September each year.

Loretta's daughter-in-law, Crystal
Ernie and his loving wife, Crystal Lynn

Furthermore, thanks to his mother’s Facebook, we know that Ernie and Crystal renew their vows each year on their anniversary. With that being said, in September of 2022, they celebrated their love for one another with a bang.

Congratulating them, Loretta Lynn posted some pictures of the happy couple with the caption,

“Wishing my Ernest Ray and his wife Crystal the happiest of anniversaries today! I swear she needs a medal many a days! I sure love them.”

Who Was Ernest Lynn’s First Spouse?

Before Crystal came into the picture, Ernie was married to Cindy Pelmos. Unlike his marriage with his current partner, Lynn, and Pelmos kept their relationship off the radar.

Due to this reason, nothing much is known about their married life. Additionally, it is not known when they got married and for how long did they stay as a couple.

The Lynn Family Mourned Cindy’s Death

Cindy Pelmos, Lynn’s first wife died on 8th July 2018. Despite how things ended between her and her ex-hubby, Lynn’s family was heartbroken by this news. Although she was not a part of the family anymore, they still loved her very much and found her to be special.

Moreover, it was reported that she was enjoying her former mother-in-law’s concert merely hours before her demise.

Ernie Ray’s Daughter, Tayla Lynn With Cindy

During the course of his marriage with Cindy, Ray became a father to his daughter, Tayla Lynn. She was born on 18th October 1979, in Hurricane Mills, Tennessee.

Further, Tayla followed the family business and is a singer just like her dad and grandmother.

Ernest Ray's daughter, Tayla
A great father-daughter duo!

As of 2023, Lynn is also happily married to her hubby, Jon Cody Finger. Together, the pair have two sons, Tru and Scout.

The Country Singer Also Has A Secret Daughter

Surprisingly enough, Ernest Ray also has a secret daughter who goes by the name, Alex Amaretto. She was born in 1986 in Sydney through a secret affair between her parents.

Sadly, she only came to know about her father and his family after she turned 30. Over and above this, it is unknown who her mother is to this date.

Loretta Lynn's secret granddaughter
Alex Amaretto, Ernest’s daughter from Australia

Interestingly, the I’m a Honky Tonk Girl singer knew about her secret granddaughter when Alex was just 5 years old. However, due to privacy concerns, she never talked about her with the public. Furthermore, it was actually Tayla who brought her half-sister into the Lynn family.

Initially, Amaretto had a tough time getting along. But, eventually, she became happy with the family she’d been gifted with. Currently, she is believed to share a loving bond with her dad, half-sister, and the rest of the family members.

All About Loretta’s Son Ernest’s Battle With The Law

On multiple occasions, Ernest Ray has been caught by the police. From selling cocaine to an undercover officer to leaving a woman crippled in a gunfight, he’s struggled a lot with the law. In addition to this, he also has had multiple DUI charges.

Furthermore, back in 2004, he was charged with vehicular homicide. Apparently, he got clashed with one of his friends, Larry Claxton, which resulted in a deadly accident. In turn, Claxton passed away.

Now, since he was under the influence of alcohol as well, the officials were certain that Ernest would have to face a larger sentence. However, due to the influence of his family, he was released without having to serve his sentence.

Likewise, before this, in 1989, he was also convicted for selling a gram of cocaine to an undercover agent. Keeping the intensity of the crime in mind, Lynn was sentenced to 12 years in prison. Nevertheless, he got out easily on this case as well.

Mother Loretta Lynn Passed Away at 90

On 4th October 2022, Loretta passed away at the age of 90. Prior to her death, the country singer faced a lot of concerning health issues. To add, in the May of 2017, she had a stroke at her home in Hurricane Mills. This, in turn, led her to retire from her music career. Likewise, on 1st January 2018, the singer also fell down and broke her hip.

Ernest Ray's late mother, Loretta
The gorgeous Loretta Lynn

Finally, after going through a number of struggles, she died peacefully in her sleep. Many report that the main cause of her death was old age. Currently, she is buried beside her husband on her Hurricane Mills ranch.

Net Worth

He has a net worth of $3 million. All thanks to his joint music career with his beloved mother, Ernie is a millionaire today. On top of this, he is also believed to be an heir to his late mother’s $65 million fortune that she left behind after her death.