Where Is Monique’s Son Shalon Jackson Now?

By Aarone Hernandez | Published on: January 25, 2024 | Updated on: January 25, 2024
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We hear the name, Shalon Jackson, quite frequently alongside Mo’Nique‘s. How is he related to the comedian, you ask? Well, what if we tell you that Jackson is her estranged son? You heard us – the star from Bessie has a kid who no longer wants to deal with his mother. But, why? Was Monique Angela a bad mother?

Over and above that, where is he today if he’s cut ties with his mom? Also, who is his dad? The artist has such a long list of past lovers that it confuses us too! But, not anymore. Read below to find out everything about Shalon Jackson.

Key Takeaways:

  • Shalon Calvin Jackson is the son of Mo’Nique and her second husband, Mark Jackson. He was born in 1990 in Baltimore.
  • He has an adopted brother, Mark Eric Jackson Jr., and two twin half-brothers, Jonathan Hicks and David Hicks.
  • He has a strained relationship with his mother; because the actress failed to provide time for her family while he was young, he does not have a good relationship with her. However, Monique Angela has already apologized for her past behavior.
  • He is presumed to be living in Baltimore, Maryland at present.

Dad; Is It Shalon Watkins Or Mark Jackson?

As you surf through the Internet, it will tell you that Jackson is the son of Mo’Nique and her second hubby, Mark Jackson. He was born in June 1992 in Baltimore, Maryland to the couple as their eldest kid. Moreover, he was named, Shalon Calvin Jackson at birth.

But, there’s also another name that might confuse most of us – Shalon Watkins. Some of the sources have confirmed him to be Shalon’s actual dad. The rumors started due to the fact that he was married to the comedian at one point in her life. As a matter of fact, he’s presumed to be her first husband. They got married in the late 80s and settled down in Atlanta.

Given the fact that Shalon has the exact same name as his mother’s ex, it might be true that Mr. Watkins is indeed his dad. Moreover, it is to be noted that he was named Shalon Watkins Jr. before Mark came into the picture.

Then again, even if Shalon Watkins is his biological father, it is quite possible that Mark Jackson raised him. Truth be told, he was the dad Shalon longed for. And thus, he took his name after Angela got married to him in 1997.

Jackson’s Mother Had Hard Divorces With Both Of Her Last Husbands

When he was just a baby, his mother separated from Mark Jackson. Their marriage took a huge turn as the former pair settled down in Atlanta. Soon enough, Mo’Nique packed her bags and took her son with her back to Baltimore.

Likewise, she and Jackson stayed married until 2001. The reason for their separation is thought to be her focus on her acting career. When they got married in 1997, the actress wasn’t ready to raise children and settle down.

Even more so, she got her big break in 1999 through the TV series, The Parkers. In turn, this created a rift between the duo and eventually, they divorced.

Mo’Nique’s 3rd Marriage is An Open Marriage

In the pursuit of finding the right one, Monique Angela landed on her 3rd husband, Sydney Hicks. They dated for many years before finally tying the knot in 2006. But, way before they were lovers, Hicks was a very good friend of Shalon’s mom.

Interestingly enough, their secret to a happy and long-lasting marriage is to have an “open marriage”.

Talking about her current situation, she expressed,

“We have an agreement that we’ll always be honest, and if sex happens with another person, that’s not a deal breaker for us, that’s something where we will have to say, ‘Oh god, we’ve got to go to divorce court because you cheated on me’. Because we don’t cheat.”

Additionally, she also didn’t “want to be owned anymore”. Therefore, she came to an agreement with her partner at present.

Shalon Has An Adopted Brother; About His Siblings

The Precious actress has 3 other sons excluding her eldest one; one of them is adopted and the other two are kids from her 3rd marriage.

Shalon’s older brother, Mark Eric Jackson Jr., born October 1992, was adopted by his mom and Mark Jackson. He grew up with his little bro in their house in Baltimore. Like him, Mark Eric stays off the radar too. He does not seem to like the attention that celebrity kids often receive.

Further, Shalon has 2 half-brothers as well. In the course of Monique’s marriage with Hicks, she gave birth to twin baby boysJonathan Hicks and David Hicks. They were brought into this world on 3rd October 2005. As per the reports, the twins were born premature i.e., born 2 months prior to their due date.

He Did Not Follow His Mother In Showbiz; What Does He Do?

There are a couple of reporters who claim that Shalon Jackson has walked in his mother’s footsteps. However, for fans like us, it is very hard to believe this fact. And, how could we ever? Since he grew up hating the stardom, it would be foolish of us to think that he would ever indulge in the industry.

So, if not an artist, then what? We know this question has lingered in your mind quite a few times. Unfortunately, the answer is not within our reach. You see, Jackson does not like the limelight. Even as an adult, he likes to live a life away from the media and the Internet. Because of this reason, it is hard for us to pinpoint what exactly he does for a living.

Perhaps, he’s in business? Or, maybe working a 9-5 job? In actuality, the answer can vary.

Mo’Nique Feels Guilty Over Her Estrangement From Her Eldest Son

On several occasions, the Blackbird actress has talked about her fallout with her son, Shalon. For instance, during an interview on The David Banner Podcast, she was asked about her relationship with her kids, especially Jackson. She answered,

“There was a time that when he (Shalon Jackson) was a little boy, I wasn’t interested in being a mother. And, I wasn’t interested in being a wife. I was interested in taking pictures and red carpets, and signing autographs, and traveling the world, so I really didn’t put the focus in.”

Furthermore, her desire to build her career while not focusing on her family came with a price. To this very day, she has a strained relationship with her eldest one. She also further expressed that she never tucked him into bed, read him the stories he liked, or attended any of the events at his school. She simply did not seem to care at all.


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The guilt, in turn, got her good. In 2009, she did not even attend the Cannes Film Festival to promote her movie, Precious. When asked why she did not make an appearance, she replied that she had to spend time with her family.

The Stand-Up Comedian Wants A Second Chance To Repent Her Mistakes

Since Mo’Nique already apologized for her mistakes, there’s a slight chance that her son will one day forgive her. In 2020, she stated,

“And now that I’m 52 and he’ll be 30, well, I pay for that. There’s a price you have to pay for that. and I had to apologize to my son because I said to him, ‘I don’t want you to think that your story is not valid because I didn’t tuck you in, I didn’t read you those stories, I didn’t show up at sporting events.”

Moreover, she also expressed how she’s “tired” thinking about how bad of a mother she once was. By expressing regret over the things she did (or did not do), the actress wants a do-over. She wants to be present for her son, by being the mother he always deserved.

Does Have A Family Of His Own?

As far as our research goes, the man in his 30s is possibly living a peaceful life. In other words, he might be enjoying his single life and is assumed to not have a family of his own at present.

Over everything, Jackson is not available on any of the social media platforms. So, it is also very hard to confirm whether or not he’s single, dating, or married and has kids. Thus, even if we tell you that he’s single, be mindful that it’s just a speculation and nothing more.

He Lives A Peaceful Life Today

After cutting ties with his mother, Shalon Calvin has lived with himself. Although because of his secret lifestyle, we do not know where he is today, we do believe that he still lives in Baltimore, Maryland. If we have to assume, we believe that he is extremely close to his hometown and loves his lifestyle there.

To add, we also think that he’s close with his adopted brother, Mark Jr. Since the boys grew up in a chaotic household, all they had was each other. So, even after growing up, they are there to help one another in need.

All in all, he has a steady life today. In the future, he is also set to inherit a portion of his mother’s $13 million fortune. If he takes it in, that ought to provide an even greater stability to his peaceful life.