Where Is Tony Hinchcliffe wife? His Marital Relationship, Girlfriend, & Gay Rumors

By Prithvi Singh | Published on: March 5, 2024 | Updated on: March 5, 2024
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Tony Hinchcliffe is a famous American insult comedian known for hosting the comedy podcast Kill Tony. Fans have been eager to know about his wife like never before. There have been many rumors about his marriage to Charlotte Jane, with many claiming that it was fake.

Likewise, for years fans have questioned his sexuality, saying Tony is gay. So, what’s the truth? Stick around because we will be answering the question regarding his orientation and finding out if his marriage is real or staged.

Who Is Tony Hinchcliffe’s Wife?

Yes, Tony has been married to Bob Jane’s daughter Charlotte Jane. The comedian first stated that he was in a marital relationship with his spouse during his ongoing comedy show in 2015. However, many thought that he was joking and didn’t take his words seriously.

Likewise, a couple of years later the 39-year-old disclosed that he would be marrying Australian race car driver Bob’s daughter, Charlotte. She is also a professional model and constantly shares photos on her Instagram.

Tony Hinchcliffe with his wife Charlotte Jane.
Tony and his wife flexing their engagement rings.

Similarly, in November 2017, Hinchcliffe made another post with his wifey by his side. In the picture, both of them can be seen pointing to their rings with the caption,

“Married as f**k. Honeymooning in La Jolla performing 4 shows this weekend at @comedystorelj….then Australia Nov. 22-27…”

Where Is Tony Hinchcliffe’s Wife, Charlotte Jane Now? Are They Still Together?

It is unclear whether the pair are still married or not. None of the parties involved have mentioned or hinted anything about their divorce. However, both Tony nor Charlotte haven’t made a post or even mentioned one other for years.

Hinchcliffe’s last post about his spouse was back in January 2018. Hence, many believe that the two have already called it quits.

Moreover, if we go through Mrs. Jane’s Instagram, she can be seen with another man. Charlotte shared a post on February 14, 2023, of the two enjoying their time on the beach. She even captioned the post saying, “I am the luckiest girl.

Hence, all of these factors have led us to believe that Tony and his wife have parted ways. So, all that’s left is the confirmation from either of the two.

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Hinchcliffe’s Past Girlfriends And Dating History

Tony has been linked with several women in the past. But his link-up with UFC fighter Joanna Jedrzejczyk is his most notable and talked about relationship. He has mentioned her several times in his conversation even calling her hot.

In 2016, Joanna shared a post of the two on her socials and fans immediately started shipping them together. One fan called Jedrzejczyk, Tony’s future wifey while another commented “Make beautiful, funny, and badass children together.”

Similarly, Tony stated that he dated white and black women during one of his standups in Chinese Theater in Hollywood. But he inclines more toward African-American ladies because they are more appealing and warmer than whites.

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Is Tony Hinchcliffe Gay? How Did The Rumors Start?

As mentioned earlier, Tony has been a comedian for the past 15 years. But it hasn’t been quite a joy ride for the entertainer. Just like other comedians, he has also been a part of several controversies throughout his career.

The most notable one is the rumors surrounding his sexuality. Several of his fans believe that he is gay and is attracted to a similar gender. However, we assure you that the famous comedian is not gay. He is heterosexual and is attracted to the opposite sex.

Moreover, the rumors started circulating after Hinchcliffe made a tweet in May 2011 which many thought was his way of coming out of the closet.

Likewise, his notoriously private life and the fact that it took years for Tony to talk about his marriage made his fans and haters believe that he was homosexual. Similarly, how he presents himself and talks to his audience has also been the key factor for people to label him as gay.

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FAQs About Tony Hinchcliffe’s Wife

What Does Tony Hinchcliffe’s Wife Do?

His better half, Charlotte Jane is a model and social media influencer.

When Did Tony and His Significant Other, Charlotte Meet?

Tony met his future spouse Charlotte in the mid-’10s. They dated for years before they got married.

Are Tony Hinchcliffe and his wifey Charlotte still married?

As of late, some sources have reported that Tony and his better half, Charlotte got divorced. However, neither of them has officially confirmed the fact.