Where Is Zoey Tur’s Wife Marika Gerrard? Why Did They Divorce?

By Aarone Hernandez | Published on: February 17, 2024 | Updated on: February 17, 2024
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Marika Gerrard is a famous American Journalist and photographer. But prior to this, she is known as the ex-wife of transgender journalist Zoey Tur( Bobby Tur). The couple were together from 1980 to 2003. So, Is Marika single now?

Let’s read this article to know about her personal and professional life.

Key Takeaways

  • Marika was married to Zoey Tur from around 1980 to 2003 before she transitioned from man to woman.
  • She has two children, Katy Tur and James Tur from her relationship with Zoey.
  • Marika is a broadcast journalist and co-founder of a news channel, Los Angeles New Service.
  • Gerrard is a millionaire and has a net worth of around one million.

Who is ?

Born on December 10th, 1955 in Los Angeles, Marika is a broadcast journalist and co-founder of a news channel named “The Los Angeles Service”. Before this, she worked for the Los Angeles Times for almost 15 years.

She is famous to the world as the wife of Bobby Tur, who now has transitioned to a woman, Zoey Tur. As of 2023, she is 67 years old.

Details on Marika’s Early Life and Family

She spent her early childhood in the state of California. From her childhood, Marika was a bookworm and remembers spending her entire time reading books.

Besides this, she also used to take photographs of different things all the time. What’s more, she was extremely good in her studies and came top of her class most of the time, but she rarely socialized with anyone.

She was raised alongside her older brother Peter Gerrard by her mom and dad, both of whom have passed away.

Marika is a College Dropout

For her early education, she attended Oakwood Secondary School. Afterward, she somehow became interested in law and decided to pursue her education in the same.

However, her career path changed when she came across the late American logician Donald Kalish. She then became interested in pursuing philosophy. It was thanks to him that she was accepted into a Philosophy grad school. However, she dropped out of the course and started living with her parents in Beverly Hills.

Nevertheless, her life later took a big turn and she ended up becoming a journalist and started chasing stuff in her helicopter with her former husband.

She and her Ex-Husband Pioneered Aerial Journalism

She and her now ex-husband Zoey Tur, formerly Bob, were an aerial reporting duo. In 1980, the former flames founded Los Angeles News Service. In a way, the company pioneered aerial journalism. They used to fly a helicopter and arrive at the crime scene before anyone could thanks to their base of operation in Santa Monica Hangar where they monitored frequencies and listened to the police and fire department.

Though they covered a lot of news, to this day their most famous work includes the live video coverage of OJ Simpson’s pursuit and the beating of Truck Driver Reginald Denny by a mob during the 1992 LA Riots. The Turs saved 54 people in 1988 after a hotel in Redondo Beach fell into the water.

She stopped working as an aerial videographer in 1997 after KCBS terminate their contract due to hiring his crew to work on the cheap.

Gerrard Worked as a Sound Recordist

Besides being a journalist and photographer, Gerrad is also in the sound department, Camera and Electrical Department, and producer. Her known projects are:

Movie Position Year
The Thread sound recordist 2008
A New Tomorrow sound recordist 2007
Circadian Rhythm sound recordist 2005

& Zoey Tur Relationship

Both Marika and Zoey had the same professional interest and that led to the start of their relationship. The duo first met at Westwood Bruin Theatre in 1978 where she used to work. Bobby fell in love with Marika at first glance.

Their First Date Was A Flying Lesson

Despite Zoey being five years younger than Marika, it didn’t stop them from falling in love. She took Marika to a flying lesson on their first romantic date. However, on the same day, she took her girlfriend Marika to a crime scene, when Bob found out about a murder on skid row through a police scanner.

Zoey Was In a Rush To Marry Her Ex-Wife

The couple’s relationship was going pretty well and they even moved in together. Though they were still in the early stage of their relationship, Zoey wanted to marry Marika, however, Marika was in no rush.

It was only after Gerrard became pregnant with their first child, Katy, that they decided to marry. They exchanged vows in 1980 in an intimate ceremony.

Do They Share Any Children?

Yes, the divorced duo shares two children: a daughter named Katy Tur and a son named James Tur. Their daughter Katy was born on 26 October 1983 and their son James on November 19, 1985, in Los Angeles, California, USA.

Their daughter went to Brentwood School and later graduated from the University of California with a Major in Philosophy. By profession, she is a writer and journalist, currently working for NBC News as a correspondent. Moreover, she is also the author of two books, Rough Draft and Unbelievable: My Front Row Seat to the Craziest Campaign in American History.

Besides, Katy is married to Tony Dokoupil, a fellow broadcast journalist. They married on October 27th, 2017. The lovely pair have two children, a son, and a girl.

James, on the other hand, is not in the same field as his sister or parents. Instead, he became a physician. In 2023, he finished his Med/Psych residency.

Zoey and Marika Divorced After Being Married for 23-Years

Everything was going as smoothly as butter, the couple had two children, Katy and James. But in 2003 the duo got divorced. The reasons remain undisclosed but in an interview, Marika said that her husband had become incredibly sad due to his inner conflict with his gender identity.

Then one day at a party in 2003, a gay man, a doctor, approached Zoey, before her transition. The man was almost certain that Bobby was gay, but Bob said he was not and even took the man to see his wife, Marika. When the man approached Marika, she told him that if you are interested in dating Bob aka Zoey, then here’s the phone number.

Justifying the situation, Marika told in an interview, “I was hoping someone would take him off my hands, and I thought Bob would be happier this way.”

Besides this, Bobby was also abusive to his then-wife, Marika, and children. He had numerous fits of rage partly due to his upbringing. Despite this, Gerrard persevered and tried to make their relationship work, but sadly it didn’t.

Bobby Transitioned Into Zoey Tur

Marika’s ex-husband Bobby transitioned into a woman soon after their divorce. It all started when Zoey started dating the same doctor who approached him at the 2003 Christmas Party. Though Bob was enjoying the love affair, he didn’t want to be intimate with a man as a man.

After years of internal battle, Bobby finally decided to go through a gender transition surgery. She now goes by the name Zoe Tur and has made a name in the industry as Zoey. He transitioned in the year 2013.

In an interview, Zoey said she always knew about her identity and didn’t reveal it because of her abusive father and because of her responsibility as a father of her children.

Katy, Marika’s Daughter, Was Puzzled By Her Father’s Transition To A Women

Marika’s ex-husband Bobby, now Zoey, transitioned into a woman in 2013. But when she first told her daughter about her new identity she was “puzzled”. In an interview with CBS Sunday Morning, Katy said “My dad said, “I am a woman’, and I said ‘What?’ And my dad said, ‘I’m a woman, I’m transitioning, I’m going to become a woman’.”

She later added “I remember being at first puzzled and saying, ‘You gotta be joking. You’re kidding, what are you talking about?”

Thankfully, the Gerrard family has fully accepted Zoey.

Is Married Again? What is She Doing?

She is currently leading a happy life with her new partner. Though we don’t know if they are married or not, they are enjoying a fairly stable relationship.

Marika has become a singer now and releases new songs every now and then. Apart from this, she also loves taking photographs and mostly captures beautiful pictures of birds.

Net Worth Of

She has an estimated net worth of around $1 million. She earned her fortune from her career as a photographer, broadcaster, and sound recordist.

While on the other hand, her ex-spouse Bobby turned Zoey has a net worth of $2.9 million as of 2023.