Who Are French Montana’s Parents Khadija Guled & Abdela Kharbouch? Interesting Facts

By Aarone Hernandez | Published on: February 26, 2024 | Updated on: February 26, 2024
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French Montana is the eldest of three sons of his parents, Khadija Guled and Abdela Kharbouch. In his early teenage, the Morocco-born along with his mom, dad, and younger brother immigrated to the United States but after a few years, his father Abdela decided to move back.

As the rapper’s mother wanted to ensure their kids’ future in the USA, she remained there while their dad abandoned them. It was after 16 years in 2012 that the father-son duo would reunite in Morocco, so what was it like?

Want to know more about Montana’s parents, their current update, and their family? Here it goes!

Key Takeaways:

  • French’s mom Khadija Gueld is Somalian and his father Abdela Kharbouch is Moroccan.
  • They married in 1984 in Africa and are parents of three children.
  • His mom and dad settled in South Bronx in the mid-1990s but Abdela moved to Morocco leaving his children and pregnant wife.
  • Montana’s mother stayed back with their children for their bright future though she doesn’t understand the English language.
  • The rapper surprised his dad by visiting Morocco after many years.

Who are French Montana’s Parents?

Montana (birth name: Karim Kharbouch) was born to Khadija Guled and Abdela Kharbouch. Both of her mom and dad are from different nations. 

French Montana’s Father

The three-time Grammy-nominated rapper’s dad Abdela Kharbouch is Morocco-born and comes from a black ethnic background. He used to do the jewelry business until he got into prison.

Montana’s Mother

French Montana’s mom Khadija Guled is Somalian. She spent significant years taking care of their son Karim after her husband Abdela saw prison time.

French’s Parents’ Marriage And Father’s Imprisonment In 1984

The year 1984 is a significant year for the rapper- he was born, his parents got married and his dad was jailed in that same year.

French Montana's parents are now divorced
Montana’s mom and dad

As reported, his father named him from jail, which he shared via a Facebook post on April 7, 2017.

After his dad was released, his family immigrated to the United States to explore opportunities, but it would only bring turmoil to their familial relationship.

Father Abandoned Them After Two Years Of Immigration

In 1996, at 13, French along with his dad, mother, and younger brother Zack, moved to the South Bronx of New York City. His dad Abdela who had a jewelry business in Morocco wanted to expand his regular wheeler-dealer schemes.

However, after two years of struggle, Abdela decided to return to Morrocco. On the contrary, French’s mom opted to stay citing no opportunities and future back at their home.

As reported, his father even asked his mom to leave Montana in the United States as they return, which was not negotiable for her. As a result, Abdela Kharbouch abandoned the whole family and moved back- at that time, Khadija was pregnant with their third child.

Montana’s Mother Struggled As A Single Parent

After Abdela left, the rapper’s mother struggle hard for her three children’s bright future. She was fully dependent on the welfare to raise her children. Even though, she didn’t know English she didn’t lose hope and raised them as a single mom.

For her children’s better lifestyle, French’s mom used to work hard and even she used to work overtime.

He Used To Sell Drugs To Provide For The Family

Without a fatherly figure, then-young Montana had to take the role of primary breadwinner for the family and support his mom. In the documentary For Khadija, the rapper opened up about being a drug dealer after getting rejections from universities.

The drug dealing gave him luxury but it was until he was caught and faced two jail times that he sought a track to music.

His Mother’s Birthday Is In May

French’s momma Khadija celebrates her birthday on the month May 2. The rapper has wished his mother’s happy birthday through his Facebook account posting his childhood picture on May 2, 2020.

French Monatana's mother's birthday
French wished happy birthday to his mother through his Facebook account.

French Montana’s Parents Have Three Sons

Including French himself, his mom and dad have three sons. He grew up with two younger brothers, Zack Kharbouch and Ayoub Kharbouch.

The Jungle Rules rapper cum the Cocaine City Records founder barely needs any introduction. Well, his siblings have also followed him into music.

The youngest of all, Ayoub, born on April 11, 1998, collaborated on the song ‘Slidin’ on July 22, 2022, and the song got views of 2.3 million.

French's brother Ayoub
French’s brother Ayoub

Montana’s second-eldest brother Zack Kharbough, born on August 19, 1987, is also in the music industry. He often hangs out with his brother and promotes him. Zack faced some jail time but was released in 2012.

In 2014, there were reports of Zack dating Amber Rose shortly after her split with Wiz Khalifa.

The Rapper Made A Trip To Morocco And Suprise Visit To Father

In September 2012, French made a homecoming to Morocco after 16 years since he left in 1996, where he would meet his estranged father. Montana accompanied by his younger brother Ayoub and manager Gaby Acevedo made a trip to Morocco; they had informed the side of his mother’s family but not his dad.

There he met his mother’s side of the family, his uncles Mustafa and Muhammed, and his aunt A’isha, along with cousins Sufjan and Miriam.

French's father Abdela Kharbouch
French met his dad Abdela.

It was until the last day of his stay in Morocco, the rapper would go to meet his father who was staying in an apartment in Hay El Farah, Casablanca.

French and Abdela sit inside the car and they talk quietly the rapper asks if he is working his daddy says he isn’t. He then introduces his son to his friends saying ‘This is my son from America.’

As his visit with his dad ended, he gifted him $10,000 cash. But a query remains that if that gesture was emotional given that Abdela was living in a poor condition or a taunt to a man who left his family for money.

How Is Montana’s Relationship With His Dad?

Though the rapper’s father left them alone during their bad time, Montana didn’t have hatred for him. He stated that he respect his move and was happy that he found his peace.

Leaving aside the struggling side, Montana appreciated the fact that if his dad hadn’t abandoned his family, he wouldn’t be “French Montana” from “Karim Kharbouch.”

French, himself, is a doting dad to a son Kruz Kharbough with his ex-wife Deen Kharbouch. The two were married from 2007 to 2014 (separated in 2012).

Recalling those hard moments without a fatherly figure, the Unforgettable singer stated in an interview with Esquire that he wanted the best for his son. Moreover, he even respected his former wife Deen’s ability to raise their kid.

Montana’s Dad Was Kicked Out Of House

In July 2019, reports surfaced that Montana’s dad Abdela was asked to empty the house by the local authorities in Casablanca.

The latter told that his wife’s family robbed him of his house and offered him a small apartment to live in. He asked help from his son French, though the reports in the wake of the incident remain under wraps.

French Dedicated Documentary For His Mom

A documentary name ‘For Khadija’ was dedicated to the rapper’s mother by him. The documentary is based on his and his mother’s struggles during their time in South Bronx. In June 2023, the rapper also took to Instagram to announce the movie.

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A post shared by French Montana (@frenchmontana)

Further, in an interview with CNN, he discussed the documentary’s story and said that the film’s message is to let people know that they will lose more than they will win.

The documentary premiered on June 16, 2023, at Tribeca Film Festival. Khadija was looking pretty in a blue outfit and her son was in a red suit. They took a picture with famous actors like Vin Diesel and Sean Combs.

Talking with Hollywood Unlocked, he revealed that his life story is what he wants to share with the world. Besides, he also believes that he would not be where he is today if his father had never gone.


Where is French Montana parents from?

Montana’s parents Khadija Guled and Abdela Kharbouch are from Morrocco.

Why did French Montana leave Morocco?

French Montana immigrated from Morocco to the United States with his parents and brother in 1996 at the age of 13. His father and mother wanted to ensure a safe career for their kids.