Who Is Caitlin Stasey’s Husband In 2023? Her Boyfriend & Romantic Relationships

By Aarone Hernandez | Published on: February 17, 2024 | Updated on: February 17, 2024
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Openly preferring to be called a lesbian, Caitlin Stasey had several questioning fingers pointed at her when she married her ex-husband. This is why she openly calls herself gender-fluid. However, since she has parted with her husband, has she gone back to being fully lesbian, as she likes to call herself?

Or, has she been hiding her life with another secret husband or wife, like she did in the past? We’ll have to find out through this article.

Who is in 2023?

Catlin Stasey is not married to a husband as of 2023. However, she was previously married to Lucas Neff, an actor known for his appearance in “Raising Hope.”

They were quite secretive about their relationship while they were dating. That being said, in January 2016, they shared pictures of what appeared to be a wedding. There was no confirmation of their official marital status though.

Then, in October 2016, Caitlin posted some pictures from the said wedding to her Instagram, seemingly confirming their marriage.

Caitlin Married Her Husband in A Not So Traditional Setting

The pictures showed Caitlin and Lucas in an indoor alter for a private wedding ceremony, as the two faced each other with Caitlin in a not-so-traditional garb.

Instead of wearing a traditional wedding gown or a dress, the Australian actress chose to wear a simple white overall in a low ponytail. Lucas, on the other hand, donned a suit.

The low-key wedding with no extra decorations must not have made much difference for Caitlin, who has previously said that the concept of marriage was “just awful.”

Unfortunately, the union did not make it through as Caitlin was already calling Lucas her “ex-husband” in her Instagram Stories in 2021. The couple divorced in 2021.

Does She Have a Boyfriend?

Currently, Caitlin doesn’t have a boyfriend, instead, she is in a gay relationship with a girlfriend.

Yeah, you read that right, she is currently dating producer Erin Murphy-Muscatelli. The actress revealed her dating status with Erin in early 2021.

She took to Instagram to post a picture of herself and Erin kissing, as the caption said, “And Merry Kissmas.”

Was She Already Divorced When Dating Erin?

Caitlin most likely had not yet divorced Lucas when she started dating Erin. But since she had already moved on, it’s likely that the actress and Lucas had separated much earlier.

People were initially quite confused when Caitlin introduced Erin since she had never mentioned parting with Lucas.

Then, in February 2021, Caitlin posted a series of pictures with Erin, kissing and cuddling, and the caption pretty much confirmed her imminent divorce from Lucas.

“I can’t wait to get divorced so I can marry you,” the caption read.

Although the relationship came to light in 2021, Erin had already been appearing on Caitlin’s Instagram occasionally since February 2020. But after they started dating, Erin is a frequent face on the actress’ social media.

Not much is known about Erin except that she is a producer in the Hollywood scene.

Other Romantic Relationships and Rumors

Caitlin has been caught up in several dating rumors with other several men in her time in the industry. One of those times was with her “Neighbours” co-star, Sam Clark. The rumors started because their on-screen chemistry and romance were too good to be just on-screen.

Caitlin’s other rumored boyfriend was Dean Geyer. The South African-Australian singer, who found fame after finishing third on the 2006 season of Australian Idol, appeared on one episode of “Neighbours.” There’s no telling where the rumors started. But since there is no connection between the two, these talks are mostly unfounded.