Who Is Damian Gabrielle? Unknown Facts About Olga Kurylenko’s Second Husband

By Anuja Uprety | Published on: February 24, 2024 | Updated on: February 24, 2024
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Damian Gabrielle is recognized as the ex-husband of Ukrainian- French actress Olga Kurylenko. With the fact that Damian had a very short-lived marriage with the Oblivion actress, the celeb ex-partner seems to have less chance to make a media appearance. The more he is being private over the years, people’s interest in his inside life has increased.

So, keeping that in our mind, today we are bringing you some unknown facts about Olga’s second husband Damian. To know, stick with us till the end.

Key Takeaways

  • Damian Gabrielle, the ex-husband of Olga Kurylenko, is an American Entrepreneur. He is a mobile phone accessories mogul.
  • Damian was married to his actress wife Olga for a year from 2006 to 2007. He was the second husband of the Hitman actress.
  • With his ex-wife Olga, he doesn’t share any children but Olga has a 7-year-old son Alexander Max Horatio with her former lover, Max Benitz.
  • Since his separation from his ex-wife, Damian is leading a private lifestyle.

What Is Age In 2023? His Wiki

The ex-celebrity husband, Damian is currently 47 years old. He was born Demian Gabrielle Neufeld on 2nd February 1976 in the United States of America.

Since Gabrielle rose to fame following his marriage to an actress Olga, the information on his early life and parents is not revealed in the media. However, we believed that he must have had a decent upbringing in his hometown.

Damian’s Education

As per several media outlets, he earned his undergraduate degree in Business Administration from Stanford University.

Is An Entrepreneur By Profession

Talking about his career, Damian is a mobile phone accessory businessman. Besides the fact that he is a mobile phone accessory mogul, no other details about his professional life has surfaced in the media.

On the other hand, his famous ex-wife Olga Kurylenko is an acclaimed actress. Starting her career as a model in 1996, Olga soon became the face of big magazines like Vogue, Elle, Marie Claire, and Madame Figaro. Slowly, she then ventured into acting and she debuted as a film actor in 2005.

Damian's ex-wife Olga in the frame
Olga Kurylenko. Source: Instagram

In almost two decades of her acting career, Damian’s ex-wife has done several movies and series. However, she gained the most recognition as an actress for her breakthrough role in Hitman (2007), Quantum of Solace (2008), and Black Widow (2021).

IsĀ Damian Also Into Movies?

Well, Olga Kurylenko’s ex-spouse Damian has never been in movies. As previously stated, he is a businessman.

But there’s a person that goes by a similar kind of name ‘Gabrielle Damian’ who worked in the editorial department of movies. As per IMDb, he is known for To Russia with Love, Maledicto, and Miracle in Cell No. 7.

Nevertheless, this guy is not Olga’s ex-spouse and someone else.

Was Married To Olga Kurylenko For A Year

The American entrepreneur Damian and his now ex-wife Olga walked down the aisle in the year 2006. They shared vows in an intimate wedding ceremony attended by close family and friends. Like any new couple, they too have supposed that their union would last forever.

But shortly after they turned husband and wife, their relationship started deteriorating, and by 2007, the duo ended their marriage. They remained married for just a year.

Reason Behind Damian And His Ex-Wife Olga’s Short-Lived MarriageĀ 

The couple Damian and his ex-wife decided to end their nuptial because it was possessed more by jealousy than love. Once in an interview, when the Hitman actress was asked if she has been chased by men all the time, she answered,

Not really. I recently ended a relationship and that was enough. I am single now, thank God (laughs). I am really enjoying my freedom.

She continued,

I don’t like relationships where people are jealous and want to possess you. I will never belong to anyone and I would rather be alone than with a bad partner, so I am very happy.

Since the interview was held in 2007 right after her divorce from Damian, Olga’s above statement directly addresses her relationship with Damian.

Gabrielle’s Ex-Wife, Olga Was Married Before As Well

Before Damian, his former Spouse Olga was already a married woman. She tied the knot with Cedric Van Mol, a photographer based in France. The two exchanged vows in 2000 and separated four years later in 2004.

Back in 2008, talking about her divorce with The Sun Newspaper, the Erased actress said that she is happy to be part of her two former husbands Damian and Cedric’s life. Whatever happened, it was not a sad experience at all. She further stated,

“I learned I had differences from them and they were different people from me. My ex-husbands were different nationalities but were both very interesting people.”

Did Remarried After His Divorce With His Spouse?

In the recent years since his divorce from Olga, Damian has become an obscure legend. Though there are speculations that he has remarried, since he doesn’t have much social life, information about his current marital status cannot be confirmed.

On the contrary, his ex-partner has an open love life. Though she is not married at present, she has been in multiple high-profile relationships ever since she split from Gabrielle.

She dated the actor Danny Huston, British actor Ben Cura, and actor-turner-journalist Max Benitz. With Max, she shares a 7-year-old son Alexander Max Horatio. But did she get married again; find out.

Confusion Between And Yellowstone Actor Danny Huston

Going through several online tabloids, it is crystal clear that Damian has been mistaken for Danny Huston’s picture. Almost all the media has presented Danny as Damian. Both men have been part of a French-Ukrainian actress Olga’s life and that must be the reason why people are confused with Huston and Gabrielle, but Danny is not Damian.

Damian's ex-wife Olga with Danny
Damian’s ex-wife Olga with Danny.

But let us clear to you that the picture of Damian hasn’t surfaced in the media yet and the person which tabloids have considered as Damian is none other than the Yellowstone famed actor Danny.

Where Is Today? Is He A Millionaire Like His Ex-Wife?

Since he leads a private lifestyle, his exact location is yet to be discovered, however, for sure, he resides somewhere in the United States of America.

Now, speaking of his net worth, Gabrielle is reported to be a millionaire with a fortune of $5 million. Meanwhile, his famous ex-spouse Olga has an estimated worth of $18 million.