Who Is Daniella Liben? Untold Details About Adam Pally’s Wife

By Anuja Uprety | Published on: February 16, 2024 | Updated on: February 16, 2024
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Daniella Liben is the wife of an American comedian and actor Adam Pally. The couple married in the year 2008 and it’s been more than a decade now since the two are happily leading a beautiful nuptial life. They have been blessed with three beautiful children so far.

Apart from her identity as a celebrity wife, Daniella has her own accomplishment which has shaped her as a competitive individual. If that’s the case, what does she do?

Key Takeaways

  • Daniella Liben is an entrepreneur. She was previously a boutique owner and now runs a travel company together with her siblings.
  • She is married to Adam Pally since 2008. They were high school sweethearts.
  • Daniella is a mother of two sons and a daughter.
  • She currently resides in Manhattan with her family.

Adam Pally’s Wife, Is A Co-Founder Of The Travel Company, Chai Travel

Expanding the family business, Daniella launched Chai Travel in early 2022 alongside her siblings Michael Liben, and Rebecca Liben Levy. The company holds the legacy of Daniella’s late father Barry Liben and includes the best independent travel advisors with more than 25 years of experience.
 Though she is one of the founders of the agency, she specifically serves the position of Chief Brand Officer in her travel company.

Daniella Previously Owned A Clothing Store

Before joining the Chai Travel team, the celebrity wife was an owner of a boutique named Ruby, located in  Montclair, N.J. During her appearance at the Totally Mommy podcast, she said that owning a store in New Jersey is what she called ‘Shelf life.’

Further, in the podcast, Liben also stated that she came up with the idea to open the clothing store after some of her clients opened up about their arrangement issues with their closets. Her boutique, at the time, basically helped customers with arrangements and orders.

Childhood And Education 

Daniella was born to her parents Barry Liben and Sindy Liben on 28th February 1981 in Livingston, New Jersey. She is currently 42 years old and has a stable life, both personally and professionally. Her birth name is Daniella Anne Liben.

Moving back to her early days, the star spouse had a decent childhood alongside her siblings Michael and Rebecca. All three of the Liben siblings grew up in a traditional Jewish household.

Daniella with her siblings
Daniella with her siblings and business partners

As for education, Liben attended the School of Visual Arts in New York.

Daniella’s Father Was An Accomplished Businessman

Her dad Barry, who passed away on January 2, 2020, was a reputed name in the travel industry. Beginning his career in 1978 by purchasing a small travel agency named ‘Tzell Travel Group’, he slowly broadened it to the big market establishing himself as an icon in the field.

After merging Tzell with Travel Leaders Group, Barry earned significant success following its impressive $7.12 billion in annual sales by the year 2018. He was the CEO of Travels Leaders Group and also served on the company’s Board of Directors.

On the other hand, Daniella’s mother Sindy is a registered nurse who worked with Daniella’s father-in-law Dr Steven Pally’s medical office in Florham Park, N.J.

And Her Husband Adam Pally Are High School Sweethearts

The couple first came across each other while studying at Golda Och Academy Lower School. Back in 2018, in an interview with Wired, he revealed that his spouse is actually his lover since his high school days. While responding to the most asked Google question, “Who is Adam Pally’s wife?”, the actor said,

“My wife is my high school sweetheart.”

Daniella is Adam Pally's wife
Daniella with her husband

After dating for several years, Daniella and her hubby Adam got married in July 2008. They had a traditional Jewish wedding ceremony at Chelsea Piers in New York and their marriage was officiated by Rabbi Stanley.

Since then the romantic duo have been each other’s consistent support and companion. It’s been exactly 15 years since Daniella has been together with her spouse Adam.

Danielle’s Husband Adam Said, “She Is A Great Drinking Buddy”

A decade ago, Adam revealed that Danielle is a massive drunkard and his great drinking companion. During his appearances on Conan O’Brien’s show, he told,

She’s is such a great drinking buddy, we’d so much fun. We would go out drinking, and she’s so feisty, and we would get into fights with other couples.

Further, the Ducktales actor opened up that whenever she gets drunk, she gets cranky. He also didn’t miss telling an interesting story when he and Daniella attended an event at Upright Brigade Theatre, she went straight to the actress Rebecca Romnji and said “You must be a loser if you are here and I’m her.

By the looks of it, the Pally couple do drink more than they can handle.

Has a Better Sense of Humor Than Her Comedian Partner

According to the comedian Pally, his wife Danielle is a funny person. He even considers his wife’s funny nature as a base for their long-lasting relationship. He said,

My wife is funnier and quicker than me and Jon. She’s a blast to (riff) with. I think our relationship is based on the fact that she’s so funny. We have our own rhythm and language — we almost talk to each other through jokes

In an interview, Adam was further asked the question, “What makes his wife funnier?”, he responded,

She was born funny. Her parents are funny. She is sarcastic and witty, and I think it takes a special person to be with someone like that. I love that about her — I love that humor is her base language.

Despite having the talent, she didn’t contemplate pursuing a career in comedy.

Is A Mother Of Three

From her marriage with Adam, Daniella gave birth to three children, two sons Cole, and Drake, and a daughter Georgia Grace Pally.

Daniella is a mother
Daniella with her hubby and children. Source: Facebook

Cole is her first-born child born in the year 2012. After Cole’s birth, her life partner Adam stated on television that having a baby was the greatest thing that ever happened to him as the first month, the comedian took care of their infant, seemingly, all by himself.

Likewise, she gave birth to her middle child Georgia in 2013 and she is currently 9 years old. Further, she welcomed her youngest child Drake in 2017. All her children have inherited her comic talent.

What Is Daniella’s Net Worth?

She previously owned a home in the Fairfax area of Los Angeles together with her hubby which they sold for $1.62 million in 2013. As per this, both the husband and wife have to be a millionaire. But ironically, within the decades, it seems like their wealth seems to have gone down.

At present, while she is reported to have a net amount of $500,000, her comedian spouse Adam has an estimated net worth of $600,000 in 2023.