Who Is Emerson Pearl Rhimes? Everything About Shonda Rhimes’ Adopted Daughter

By Anuja Uprety | Published on: February 14, 2024 | Updated on: February 14, 2024
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Emerson Pearl Rhimes is the adopted daughter of Shonda Rhimes. Since she stepped into her famous mom’s world back in 2012, Emerson has always been the talk of the town, however, she prominently lives out of the media sight.

Her mom Shonda is best known for creating the hit ABC series Grey’s Anatomy (2005 to present), and Scandal (2012-2018).

Key Takeaways

  • Emerson Pearl is the second adopted daughter of Shonda Rhimes. She was adopted in 2012.
  • Like her, her older sister Harper was also adopted. Further, Emerson’s younger sister Beckett was born through gestational surrogacy.
  • Emerson is a calm personality. She helped her mom to rejuvenate joy in herself.
  • She is a school student and currently resides in her mom’s huge mansion in Connecticut.

Is The Adopted Daughter of Shonda Rhimes

Emerson was adopted by her mom Shonda in February 2012, shortly after her birth. Post her adoption, her mom gladly talked about her with the media and said,

Emerson is incredibly mellow, “We’re just doing a lot of bonding right now. This is a happy time – I feel so lucky.

As per her mom, Pearl has always been a very calm and easygoing baby who has inspired her in many ways.  She is currently 11 years old.

Who Is Emerson Pearl’s Father?

Emerson doesn’t have a father figure in her life. Considering how she was adopted right after her birth, Pearl doesn’t even have a single clue regarding her biological father. Moreover, her adopted momma Shonda doesn’t have a husband, either.

Looking at all this, it’s for sure that Shonda plays the role of both mom and dad for Emerson and her siblings.

Emerson’s Mother, Shonda Rhimes Is Not Interested In Marriage

There’s no doubt that Shonda is an established name in the American TV industry. A professionally successful lady, she is equally content in her personal life raising her three daughters without a husband. Actually, the prolific writer who is in her early 50s is not even interested in marriage. Why So?

Back in 2015, while talking to Entertainment, she revealed the reason behind being uninterested in tying the knot and said,

 “I was seriously dating somebody and I was like, I don’t want to do this.

The TV producer further stated that she loved to have a boyfriend. She feels complete freedom in not having a spouse.

Rhimes Have Two Siblings; Are They Adopted Like Her?

Like Emerson, her older sister Harper Rhimes, 19 was also adopted back in 2002. Further, she has a younger sister Beckett Rhimes, 9 whom her mother Shonda welcomed through gestational surrogacy in September 2013.

Emerson has two siblings
Emerson’s sister Harper with their mom. Source: Instagram

Talking further about Rhimes siblings, they share a good bonding with one another since they have many things in common. As per their famous matriarch, they all are quite stubborn. In an interview with GoodHousekeeping, the Bridgerton producer said,

“They couldn’t be more different from one another, but they’re all stubborn — and I mean that in the best way, “No one will ever take advantage of them. They will always go their own way because they have decided they’re going to.”

Shonda further stated that she never wanted to have a nice girl who gets easily manipulated. She is happy with how her daughters are.

Emerson’s Mom Said, “She Is Too Young To Watch Her Shows”

Her mom is one of the most prolific writers and producers in the world. But, in her own home, none of her daughters has watched her shows including Emerson. Talking about the matter, Shonda once told,

“My youngest daughters are 8 and 9 (Emerson), so they’re far too young to watch it or even care, which is good.”

Further, her eldest daughter Harper is uninterested in watching her shows, especially Grey’s Anatomy since all her friends have watched it multiple times.

‘ Innocence Helps Rekindle Joy In Her Mom’s Life

Amidst the busy life of Shonda, Emerson became the source of motivation for her work-alcoholic momma. During a TED talk back in 2016, the Executive producer opened up about how her middle daughter helped her recreate and rejuvenate the ‘hum, a joy’ in her life that she had lost while prioritizing her career above anything else. She said,

‘She asked me to play with her one evening when i was on way to somewhere and i said Yes and that was the new beginning of a new way of my life.’

Emerson's mom is a writer and producer
Emerson’s mom Shonda.

Shonda further stated that playing with her toddler was a completely ordinary thing but still, she somewhere regained that ‘hum’ while she was playing with Emerson. She felt happy and realized that giving yourself a small amount of time in a day is not bad but is fruitful for better work and better results.

Shonda Calls Her Daughter By Her Alias ‘Southern Waitress’

Emerson’s mom often addresses her as a Southern waitress whenever she talks about her in the media. It’s because every time her daughter called somebody, she uses the word ‘Honey.’ In this matter, Shonda once said,

Emerson is a toddler who inexplicably refers everyone as ‘honey’as though she is southern waitress . Like for e.g. Honey, I’m gonna need some milk for my sippy cup.

Where Is Today? What Does She Do? 

Looking at her age, Emerson is certainly a middle school student. She is currently focused on her studies, nothing else. Further, regarding her whereabouts, she must be living with her family in her mom’s huge mansion in Westport, Connecticut which she purchased for $15 million.

Emerson’s Mother Is One of The Richest Women Entertainers; What Is Her Net Worth?

Her mom Shonda Rhimes is a multimillionaire with an estimated net worth of $250 million in 2023. No doubt that she earned such a huge amount from her flourishing career as a writer and producer.

Further, she owns a production company Shondaland which has produced many hit series including the era’s longest-running medical drama show, Grey’s Anatomy.