Who Is Emily Threlkeld? Unexplored Details On Harold Ford Jr.’s Wife

By Anuja Uprety | Published on: February 7, 2024 | Updated on: February 7, 2024
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Emily Threlkeld is mainly recognized as the wife of the former U.S. Congressman and financial managing director Harold Ford Jr. She has been married to her husband Harold since 2008 and the couple shares two children together.

Besides her identity as a politician’s wife, Emily herself is quite an accomplished stylist and businesswoman. Let’s dig more into her personal and professional life in the following article!

Key Takeaways

  • Emily Threlkeld is a fashion designer, celebrity stylist, and entrepreneur.
  • She rose to fame following her marriage to the former congressman for Tennessee, Harold Ford Jr.
  • Emily shares a son and a daughter with her spouse.
  • As per her Twitter account, Threlkeld currently resides in New York together with her family.
  • She is not active on other social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook.

Who Is ? Career Highlights Of Harold Ford Jr.’s Wife

Harold’s wife Emily is stylish and an entrepreneur. She runs her own swimwear line BASTA SURF which she co-founded in the 2010s. At Basta, she has served as a design consultant as well.

Taking a look at her working history, Threlkeld began as a publicist for French fashion designer Nina Ricci. Soon after, she became an assistant to Mario Grauso. While working under Mario, she got some big opportunities to dress Jada Pinkett Smith for the Academy Award in 2007.

Harold Ford Jr's wife Emily works as a designer and stylist
Emily is a businesswoman. Source: The New York Times

She later styled celebrities like Renée Zellweger and others. She also has experience of being a marketing consultant.

Threlkeld Also Assist Her Husband In His Political Activities 

Apart from her business endeavors, Emily also helps her hubby Harold Jr. Back in 2010, her politician spouse addressed her as his director of research while talking to New York Magazine. In this regard, the former congressman said,

“She’s (Emily) my director of research, checks my daily schedule and the people I’m seeing.”

When asked about the matter to Emily, she answered that she assists her better half only in her spare time. So, it’s not in a professional way.

Early Life And Parents

Emily was born on January 2, 1981. While her birthplace is reported to be New York, Emily grew up in Naples, a city in Florida playing paddleball.

Talking about her parents, she is the daughter of her father Tom Threlkeld, and her mother Deborah Beard. Nevertheless, her parents separated when she was only 2 years old.

College And Ethnicity

Threlkeld attended the University of Miami and graduated with a degree in business and marketing in 2003. Soon after her graduation, she relocated to the Lower East Side of Manhattan and pursued her career in showbiz.

As for ethnicity, Harols Junior’s wife, Emily is Caucasian and holds American nationality.

Emily’s Mother Married Thrice In Her Lifetime

Her mother Deborah has been married three times so far. Her first husband was Emily’s father Tom with whom her union ended in the year 1983. Soon after, she got married to her second husband Vin De Pasquale who owns a restaurant in Naples. However, their marriage also came to an end in 2003, nearly two decades after their nuptial.

The following year, her matriarch again found the love of her life, her third husband Anson Beard Jr. Deborah’s third spouse is a former Morgan Stanley senior executive and is super wealthy.

Is Harold Ford Jr.’s Wife; Their Wedding Details

Emily walked down the aisle with her husband Harold Ford Jr. on April 26, 2008. The couple tied the knot in a lavish wedding ceremony held at Miami’s Trinity Cathedral Episcopal Church. Around 300 guests including several elite personalities attended the nuptials.

Emily is married to politician
Emily with her husband. Source: The New York Times

The couple dated for over four years before their wedding.

When Did Emily and Her Husband Harold First Meet?

Coincidently, Emily and Harold first came across each other while attending the wedding of a common friend in New Orleans in 2004.

At the same ceremony, Emily’s mom was also present and she actually thought Harold would be the best match for her daughter. In this way, the two started to communicate and soon fell in love.

During that time, as Harold was believed to have had several casual relationships, the public took his association with Emily as a fling. But later, it turned out to be serious. Coming up to 2024, their marriage has crossed 16 years and still, their bonding is as strong as it was before.

Emily Convinced Her Husband In Favor Of Same-Sex Marriage

Her husband Harold Junior is a prominent figure in American politics. Coming from a political family, he joined politics at a very early age and represented Tennessee- in Congress from 1997-2007. As a politician’s wife, Emily has her own role and of course, should go through some rough ways as well.

Back on September 14, 2010, when Ford decided to bid on Senator Kirsten E. Gillibrand, Emily described her position and said,

I didn’t desire it, that’s for sure,“I’m going to have to define this as I go along. Everything is all coming so fast right now. There is this momentum. It’s press, press, press.

Also in 2011, while passing the Equal Marriage Act, Emily seemed to have played a significant role in changing her husband’s mind regarding same-sex marriage as she had a gay uncle and lesbian aunt at her home. Before, Mr. Ford opposed it and later announced his heart change on marriage equality. Over the years, no doubt that she had an influential presence in Harold’s decision-making during some major political events.

Is A Mother Of Two Kids

From her marriage to her husband, she welcomed two children. She has a daughter  Georgia Walker Ford who was named after Harold’s great-grandmother. She was born on December 24, 2013.

Emily is a mother
Emily with her children and husband. Source: Twitter

Further, Threlkeld is also the mother of her son Harold Eugene Ford III. He arrived in this world in May 2015. He is currently 9 years old. Both Ford siblings are growing up in a lavish lifestyle alongside their successful parents.

Her Net Worth

Emily is reported to have a net worth of $1 million in 2024. Meanwhile, her husband Harold, the son of Dorothy Bowles Ford owns an estimated amount of $3 million in 2024.