Who Is Eric Wareheim Wife? His Secret Married Life With His Spouse

By Cannon | Published on: March 14, 2024 | Updated on: March 14, 2024
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Eric Wareheim is a comedian and actor who has gained widespread fame as one-half of the comedy duo Tim and Eric along with his partner Tim Heidecker. In addition, Wareheim is also a winemaker. 

Well, besides his professional details, most of his fans are eager to know about his love life. So, is the comedian married to anyone? Who is Eric Wareheim’s wife? Here are several unknown details you need to know about his relationship and love life.

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Is Eric Wareheim Married? Details on Eric Wareheim’s Wife 

Yes, Eric is a married man. And Eric Wareheim’s wife is Madison Borbely. Although both the husband and wife have remained ultra-secretive about their love life, sources reported they have been married for a couple of years now. 

Eric with his life partner.

However, the details about when did they marry and where their wedding took place are still behind closed doors. Apparently, there are some reports they wed in a family-oriented wedding in the presence of their family members and close friends. 

What Does Eric Wareheim’s Wife Madison Borbely Do? 

Eric Wareheim’s wife Madison is now a freelance creative consultant. Her creative consultancy predominantly emphasizes all aspects of food, wine, and fashion. She has been doing freelancing consulting since early 2019.

Similarly, Wareheim’s spouse Borbely also worked as a creative consultant for Ten Speed Press, in Los Angeles, California from April 2019 to June 2021. 

As per her Linkedin profile, the celebrity wife has been a self-employed fashion model since Jan 2009. Further, as per her Facebook, Madison, the Oxley College graduate also works at a Los Angeles-based men’s and women’s modeling agency TWO Management. 

Born and raised in Robertson, New South Wales, Eric Wareheim’s wife now resides in Los Angeles, California. 

How Long Have Eric Wareheim and His Wife Madison Been In a Relationship?

As said above, both Eric and his life partner are notoriously private about their love life. Saying so, neither of the parties has revealed how it all began.

That being said, Eric and his spouse Madison have come with some romantic photos on their social media handles. It was Wareheim’s partner Borbely who first uploaded a photo of the duo on her Insta in May 2019. She wrote the caption,

“We do matchers.” 

Madison has since shared several other romantic clicks with her husband. The same year in August, the creative consultant uploaded a snap of them together with a romantic sun-setting view. 

Furthermore, in June 2021, they were spotted having good times at Fontana Di Trevi-Roma, a Fountain in Rome, Italy. 

Eric Wareheim Wife
Eric and his spouse Madison 

Thus, there is no doubt that Eric and his partner Madison are going pretty strong together. Besides, both of them are also cat lovers. 

Rumors About Chloe Wise Being Eric Wareheim’s Wife

In addition to Eric’s romantic relationship with Madison, there are rumors that Chloe Wise, a Canadian artist based in New York City is also the wife of Eric. In fact, they are not! 

The rumors about their alleged marriage started circulating in the media after Eric himself made such posts about the two on his Instagram. He first posted Wise’s photo on his Insta in June 2016 and his caption was quite gestic towards the spectulations, 

“still supporting my ex wife professionally and emotionally.”

Further, in July 2017, Wareheim uploaded a photo of the two with the caption,

“We got divorced now we married again.”

Eric and Chloe 

But, in real life, Eric and Chloe Wise are only good friends. As per sources, they first came across each other in a restaurant years ago and are the best colleagues ever since.