Who is Etienne Maurice? All About Sheryl Lee Ralph’s Son

By Aarone Hernandez | Published on: February 25, 2024 | Updated on: February 25, 2024
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Etienne Maurice is the eldest child of American actress and singer Sheryl Lee Ralph. Etienne is Sheryl’s child from her first husband Eric Maurice. In 2022, Ralph became the first Black woman to win the Primetime Emmy Award. Besides, did you know the horrific accident that Maurice faced after being robbed, beaten, and shot twice in his leg in 2013? 

To mark the day, the star kid often posts on his social media handle.

Key Takeaways:

  • Etienne Maurice was born on November 16, 1991, and is 31 years old in 2023.
  • He is the first child of Sheryl Lee Ralph and Eric Maurice.
  • Maurice is a filmmaker, actor, and activist.
  • He recently got engaged on July 7, 2023, to his girlfriend Stephanie Wash.
  • Maurice was shot twice in his leg in West Philadelphia.

What Does Do For a Living?

Etienne is CEO & Founder at WalkGood Productons. He is a filmmaker, actor, and activist. He is dedicated to using his passion for filmmaking and acting for making society a better place to live in.

Sheryl Lee’s son Maurice is popularly known for his projects like H.E.I.R (2017), The Last Laugh (2015), Hideous (2014), and Mike G: Lincoln (2013). He has acted in a total of 11 movies and directed and produced 5 movies respectively.

Some of his on-screen are listed below,

Actor Director Producer
Blackjack Christmas (2022) Karateman (2013) A Backyard in Baldwin Hills (2021)
A Backyard in Baldwin Hills (2021) 30th Annual DIVAS Simply Singing! Concert & Telethon (2020)
First Day Back (2019) First Day Back (2019)
The Counter: 1960 (2018)

Practises and Teaches Yoga

Not only a filmmaker and actor but Maurice is also a 200 hours Certified Yoga Boy. He along with his younger sister, Coco and a cousin have been organizing yoga classes and artists’ initiative.

He hosts different Yogic events mainly for Black individuals. Recently on January 29, 2023, Etienne hosted a black men’s healing circle in LA where there was participation of more than 15 people.

His Experience Before Becoming A Filmmaker

Before becoming a filmmaker, Maurice used to work in different organizations and networks. Here is the list of his past works;

Name of The Company Designated Post Time Period

African American Film Critics Association, LLC

Creative Director

(Jan 2016 – Jul 2021)

The Uber Urban

Executive Producer

(Nov 2012 – Jan 2014)

Nickelodeon (Instant Mom)

Production Assistant

(Jun 2013 – Sep 2013)

Nancy Glass Productions

Associate Producer Intern

(Jun 2012 – Dec 2012)

Content Producer

(Sep 2010 – 2011)

NBC News

Productions Assistant

(Jun 2010 – Aug 2010)

Who are Etienne’s Parents?

He is the first child of Sheryl Lee Ralph and her ex-husband Eric Maurice. Maurice, 31 soon to be turning 32 in the coming November. His mother Sheryl Lee, posted a series of Etienne and his sisters’ childhood photos in 2019 while wishing him a birthday. She wrote,

Happy Birthday to my son @walkgoodetienne Who has turned his tragedy into triumph and makes me a very proud mother!’ Xoxo Son!! I LOVE you.

Etienne’s Father is a French Businessman

His father Eric is an Afro-European businessman, entrepreneur, and member of Soka Gakkai International. The Afro-European Eric was born between 1957 and 1959 in Abidjan, Ivory Coast to an American mother and an African American mother.

He now lives in Los Angeles, USA.

Etienne’s Parents’ Marriage; His Mother Suffered From Depression After Divorce

His father and mother met when Sheryl Lee, his mother, went to Cannes to promote ‘To Sleep with Anger‘. Erick, his father, had a house there. And only after six months of togetherness, they tied the knot.

After two years of their marriage, Etienne was born. But in 2001, the duo separated, leaving a family trauma to both their children: Etienne and Victoria.

The depression not only effected their children but Sheryl herself. After her divorce became final, the actress began doubting everything about herself. Months passed but Ralph barely could make it through the shooting of the last season of Moesha. This also had a bad impact on the mental health of both Erick and her sister.

But today, Lee has overcome her depression and is happily married to a state senator Vincent Hughes.

Even after his parent’s separation in 2001, Maurice has a good relationship with both his father and mother.


Etienne has a younger sister named Ivy Victoria Maurice born on December 23, 1995. She is a digital content creator and the Vice President of Walk Good Productions. Besides this, Ivy is also the creative director of Walk Good Wear.

The brother-sister duo has a close relationship. After their parent’s divorce, they have always been each other’s back. Today, Etienne and Victoria are also business partners.

Sheryl Lee’s Son Etienne Was Shot Twice

In the year 2013, Etienne was robbed, beaten, and shot twice for his iPhone and wallet by an unknown father-and-son duo. He even grazed a bullet shot above his eyebrows and got shot twice in his leg. It was 1 am when the star kid left the bar called “Drinkers” in West Philly to go to another party. Soon after getting into a cab, a mysterious father and son robbed and shot him.

He was later rushed to the UPenn Hospital by someone with no clothes, no identification, and no phone.

Today, Etienne is recovering his leg’s nerves which were damaged because of the shot. To mark the date, Sheryl Lee’s son also posts a lengthy paragraph about the incident and his recovery phase. He has posted twice about this accident first in 2015 and recently in 2018.

In one of these posts, a Los Angeles native wrote “And as for the father and son who robbed and shot me (yes you read that right), I forgive them. My mother might not, but I do. Yes, what they did was wrong, but Luke 23:34 says “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.” Amen.

In one of his Instagram posts, the actor also revealed that he has been sober since the shooting.

He Is A Gun Violence Activist

After the Gun Violence to Etienne, he has constantly been standing with students across the nation who are urging lawmakers to enact gun reform. He is actively raising his voice against gun violence and wants gun reform and control.

Besides this, Etienne also began WalkGood LA, a nonprofit organization dedicated to mitigating the injustices against Black and Brown people in Los Angeles.

Got Engaged To His Girlfriend

On July 6, 2023, Maurice proposed to his then-girlfriend and soulmate Stephanie Wash on the top of a New York City rooftop. Seeing all the roses and candles, the engagement itself was a surprise to Wash.

In their engagement, there was the presence of family and friends. There were a total of 9 people in the ceremony. Essence Magazine covered their engagement while it was photographed by Kavi Peshawaria. He purposed this date, July 6, because it was the exact date 2 years ago when they first meet.

Etienne Meets His Soulmate At A Birthday Party

It was on July 6, 2021, when Maurice first met his then-girlfriend Wash at Victoria Rowells, Wash’s aunt’s home as she is Ralph’s best friend and also an actress. Etienne was there to celebrate Maya, Rowell’s daughter’s birthday and it was love at first sight for both of them.

Stephanie said “I knew Etienne was special from the moment we first locked eyes. We began dating the next morning.  As we learned more about each other, I quickly knew in my soul he was my person. I felt God in our relationship” to Essence magazine.

The duo have been together since 2022 and made it official on October 16, 2022, through Facebook.

Who is Maurice’s Soon-To-Be Wife Stephanie Wash?

Wash is a journalist by profession and works at ABC News. Talking about her background, Stephanie was born on December 2 in Braintree, Massachusetts. She went to Notre Dame Academy for her schooling and graduated from New York University.

Where Did Maurice Go To College?

Maurice graduated in Cinematography and film/Video Production from Drexel University, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States. He graduated on June 16, 2015.

His mother, Sheryl Lee, his sister Coco Maurice and his grandmother were there for his graduation.

Net Worth

Maurice’s net worth is some $ 1 million dollars. He is able to earn this fortune from his professions like filmmaker and actor.