Who Is Hasan Piker Girlfriend in 2023? Dated An Adult Star? His Wedding Plans

By Anuja Uprety | Published on: March 4, 2024 | Updated on: March 4, 2024
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Hasan Piker reportedly dated an adult star, Janice Griffith. Popularly known by the name HasanAbi, Pikers is a bit secretive regarding his personal matters, especially his girlfriends and romantic relationships. So, what is his relationship status at present?

Find all the answers to the above-mentioned queries in the below piece of writing. Also, know if he has some wedding plans in the near future.

Who Is Hasan Piker’s Girlfriend in 2023?

Hasan is not dating a girlfriend officially in 2023. The famous American Twitch streamer has always preferred to remain silent when it comes to his personal life, so, nothing about his current romance is available in the media.

Going through his Instagram, it looks like he is completely focused on building himself at present and content with his single life. Not a single post on Piker’s social media handles leaves a clue to his viewers about his romantic endeavors.

However, considering his age, the possibility is high that he may be dating someone in private but just doesn’t want to publicize it, who knows?

Though not at present, in the past, he was publicly in a relationship with an adult star. Let’s talk about this in detail.

Hasan Piker Ex-Girlfriend Was An Adult Star Janice Griffith 

Yes, Hasan was once in a relationship with an adult star Janice Griffith. The two reportedly started dating each other in 2018 and during that time, they made several public appearances together as a couple. But sadly, their relationship didn’t last long, and around late 2020, they broke up.

Hasan Piker with his ex gf Janice Griffith
Hasan Piker and his ex gf Janice Griffith, a p**n star. Source: Twitter

Back in February 2021, while having an exclusive talk with GQ magazine, the p**nographic actress talked about her past affair with Hasan and credited him for her becoming an opal. She also told,

“It’d be such a shame to not have someone in your life after they were so important to you, just because you aren’t romantic anymore,”

Though Griffith doesn’t clearly mention the reason behind her separation from Piker, the statement stated that she was absolutely in love with her former boyfriend, the famous Twitch Streamer Hasan. Probably her profession as an adult movie star had affected their love life.

Hasan And His Former Partner Janice Are In Good Terms Now

After Hasan and his ex gf Janice separated, they didn’t talk to each other for a while. But later, they seem to have solved their internal issues as the two were seen conversating with each other back in the month of September 2021 after they broke up. In fact, Hasan had invited his former partner to his streaming show to talk about her experience being a sex worker. While welcoming, he introduced Janice as his special guest.

Hasan Piker and his ex-girlfriend talks during a podcast
Hasan Piker and his ex-partner Janice conversating after their breakup. Source: YouTube

The ex-couple in the video seems friendly as well as a little bit awkward. The show was for almost three hours during which they shared their opinion about sex. And somewhere in the middle, Hasan accepted their past relationship and exposed their private stuff as well.

Hasan Piker’s Other Rumored Affairs

The political commentator was rumored to be in a relationship with a famous Canadian-Moroccan media personality Pokimane. People had speculated that the two were secretly dating each other. But as of today, none of them felt to address the issue. No confirmation on their alleged relationship has been confirmed by either side so far.

Does Hasan Have Any Wedding Plans At Present?

Looks like Hasan has no plans of getting married and settling down with his “wife” since he hasn’t discussed his wedding plans in the media. As earlier said, he is currently occupied with his booming career as a Twitch streamer and political commentator. May not be now but hopefully sooner or later, we might get to hear his wedding news.

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