Who Is Jon Bernthal’s Wife, Erin Angle? Is She Related To A Former WWE Star Kurt Angel?

By Anuja Uprety | Published on: January 23, 2024 | Updated on: January 23, 2024
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Erin Angle is the wife of American actor Jon Bernthal who is best known for his character Shane Walsh in the horror series The Walking Dead. Though she got the spotlight for her marriage to an actor, she is no less than her successful husband. On one side, she is the niece of the renowned former wrestler Kurt Angel, whereas on the other, she is an accomplished health professional.

Let’s dive deeply into Erin’s career, family background, marriage, children, and numerous other things in the following article.

Has Been Married To Jon Bernthal Since 2010

On September 25, 2010, Erin walked down the aisle with her husband in a beautiful wedding ceremony held in Potomac, Maryland. Their wedding was officiated by Jon’s acting teacher, Alma Becker.

Erin is married to an actor
Erin on her wedding day with her groom

As of 2024, after years of their marriage, the couple are still head over heels in love with each other. The strong foundation of their relationship is undoubtedly the way both of them hold one another in every low and high. In fact, Bernthal seems to be giving more credit to his wife for their strong relationship and for being patient with his career and his children.

Erin And Jon Dated Dor Decades Before Marriage; How Did They Meet?

The now-married couple Erin and Jon first came across each other in the year 2000. Actually, Jon’s friends had thrown a welcome home party for his return to D.C. in some local bar and that’s where he actually saw his future wife. Talking to Men’s Health, he said,

I came over and was just rudely messing around, and I know this is the corniest thing in the world, but when I actually saw Erin, it was literally like angels were singing,” I had never seen anyone so beautiful

He then approached her and the two strangers ended up talking for the next 45 minutes. The 45-minute conversation made them fall in love with each other and they started dating each other.

Erin and Jon dated for a decade before marriage
Erin with her boyfriend-turned-husband Jon

At the time of their meeting, Erin was already working as a nurse. During the time of courtship, Bernthal shifted to Boston to study acting, and Angel following him took a job as a nurse at Mass General. After that, they relocated themselves to Los Angeles where Erin dumped him over some dumb stuff and moved to San Francisco.

Erin’s Then-Boyfriend Won Her Back Taking Her To Willie Nelson’s Concert

When Erin broke up with the then-struggling actor, he was completely devastated. So, he tried everything he could at the time to win her back. As per him, whenever there was no audition, he used to drive to the Bay area and leave a poem and a bouquet of flowers in her car.

One day, thinking that Angel would be softened, he bought two tickets for Willie Nelson’s concert and convinced her to pay a visit. At the concert, he requested Willie to play one song ‘Always on My Mind’ for them. He said,

“I snuck backstage. I found this beautiful postcard and wrote Willie this long letter and rolled him a beautiful joint and told him the situation with me and my woman,” I told him she’s a good-hearted woman in love with a good-timin’ man, and I asked him to play this one song ‘Always on My Mind’ for us, and he did.

After that two got back together eventually getting married in the year 2010.

Father Is One of Kurt Angle’s Brother 

Angel is the daughter of one of the brothers of a retired WWE wrestler Kurt Angle. In this respect, renowned wrestler Kurt is Erin’s uncle. Back on September 26, 2017, Kurt shared his picture together with Erin and her family on his Instagram and wrote,

A very special WWE Raw tonight in Ontario, Ca. My niece Erin and my nephew @jonnybernthal and their 3 beautiful children came to see the show. #AngleFamilyReunion Vitstrue

Erin comes from wrestler family
Erin with her uncle Kurt and husband Jon. Source: Instagram

Besides her uncle Kurt, her other family members were also into wrestling. Erin’s famous hubby once stated this fact saying, “She comes from a family of champion wrestlers. She understands me.”

Angel Is A Pennsylvania Native; When Was She Born?

Born in 1976, in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, Erin is currently 48 years of age. The Pennsylvania native reportedly celebrates her birthday on February 14 every year. As earlier mentioned, she is the daughter of her father Mr. Angel (Kurt’s one of the brothers), and his wife Cindy Abbondanza Angle.

Similarly, the Pennsylvania native grew up with her four sisters Cassidy, Jackie, Kristen, and Lea. She also has a brother named Mark Angel. Talking about her ethnicity, she is of Italian, Irish, English, German, and Lithuanian descent from her father’s side and probably Caucasian from her mother’s.

Erin’s High School And Colleges

Joined in the year 1990, Erin graduated from Canon McMillan High School in 1994. After that, she enrolled in the Indiana University of Pennsylvania to do a Bachelor of Science in Nursing.

Later, she earned a master’s in Anesthesiology from the University of Southern California.

Is A Nurse Anesthetist By Profession

As per her LinkedIn, Erin is currently working as a nurse anesthetist at Harbor UCLA Medical Centre. She started her nursing career in the year 1999 when she was still to meet her future husband.

As a registered nurse, she first worked at the Georgetown University Medical Centre for two years from 1999 to 2001. After that, she served at Massachusetts General Hospital for a year. The other hospitals that she has worked so far are;

  • Beth Israel Medical Center (2002 to 2003)
  • Maui Memorial Medical Center (2003 to 2004)
  • USC University Hospital (2004 to 2005)
  • Stanford University Medical Center (2005 to 2006)

Being in the profession, Angel even supported her now-spouse Jon while he was struggling in the acting business in the 2000s. Talking about this fact, the Hollywood star once told Esquire magazine,

“My wife is a trauma nurse. She really earned her pay during that time”

Erin and Jon’s Shares Three Children 

The couple after their marriage welcomed a son Henry in August 2011. Two years later in January 2013, their second child Billy arrived into this world and was followed by their daughter Adeline. Erin’s youngest child was born in February 2015.

Erin is a mother
Erin’s children with her husband

All of his children are quite grown up now. As per People reports, the couple’s two sons have learned jiu-jitsu. But their father has his own dream for his children. Talking to People magazine, he once said,

“I want them to learn how to play piano and do their schoolwork with the exact same level of fierceness,

Alongside his wish, The Walking Dead alum also has come to the term that whatever his children will do in the future, he will be okay with that but “as long as they go full bore.”

Erin’s Husband Said, She Is A Brave Mother

Back in late 2017, Erin and Jon’s daughter Adeline fell into a coma following her unexpected seizure. She gets back from a coma after three days. During such a painful situation, Erin was the one who managed everything at her best. In this regard, the Baby Driver actor asserted,

People talk about bravery like fake macho bravery, but my wife didn’t flinch, “What I saw in my wife was courage and beauty unlike I’d ever seen.”

Their daughter woke up from a coma three days later, but she didn’t recognize any of her family members. During that time too, his wife without panicking handled the situation which Jon stated by “pouring love into our daughter every step of the way.”

Is Social Media

The celebrity wife is on Facebook under the name Erin Angle Bernthal with 1.1k friends. So far, she has uploaded just four/five pictures on her only social media handles. Erin mostly advocates for fundraising programs on Facebook.

What Is Her Net Worth?

Erin is reported to have a net worth of $1 million which she undoubtedly earned from her medical career. Meanwhile, her famous husband Jon has an estimated net amount of $12 million in 2023.