Who Is M Lamar Wife? Is M Lamar Gay? Truth Here

By Aarone Hernandez | Published on: March 12, 2024 | Updated on: March 12, 2024
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American composer M Lamar’s wife & gay rumors have been making rounds ever since he became known to the media. Though he has never openly spoken about his love life & relationship, there has been constant speculation about his relationship status.

But due to the lack of enough evidence about him having an affair, some are convinced that he could be gay. So, what is the truth? Does he even have a wedding planned in the future?

Here you will find answers to all your questions about his relationship status.

Rumors of M Lamar’s Wife: Is He Married?

Well, the American composer M Lamar is unmarried and has no wife. Considering the fact that he has not made any official statement about being married, it is safe to say that he has not tied the knot yet.

M Lamar Singing On Stage: He Is Not Married
M Lamar Singing On Stage

Apart from this, he has not been spotted with anyone who could be claimed to be his spouse. Over the years there are numerous rumors of him being secretly married but that is untrue.

Is M Lamar Gay?

Well, Lamar does not identify himself being gay despite the fact that he has been in a sexual relationship with boys. The definition of gay for him has always been different than what people have always perceived. In one of the interviews, he clearly stated how it is very casual for him to get into a relationship with anyone be it girls, boys, or queers. He said,

I have a longtime boyfriend. But in gay land, I was never getting my needs met sexually. I don’t define myself as gay…in a good way. It wasn’t about a boyfriend always. In the scenes I was in, people just hooked up randomly. It could be with a boy or a girl. It was all good. I always had game too [laughs]!

He further added,

Everyone can define themselves however they want. I’ve chosen to reject gay as a term for myself. I’m interested in the behavior of sexuality.

Moreover, he also stated in one of the interviews that he is not gay but that it is okay to be gay.

Does He Have Wedding Plans

Unfortunately, Laverne Cox’s twin brother Lamar doesn’t seem to have any wedding plans for now. But we would definitely love to see him with a perfect wife.

Well, for now, we will have to wait until he walks down the aisle.

Lamar Has Had a Boyfriend In The Past

Though it is unclear if Lamar is dating anyone at present, he has clearly stated having boyfriends in the past. Back in 2020, he even wrote a tweet where he mentioned his partner. In the tweet, he stated, 

My boyfriend was just telling me that people who have experienced a lot of trauma in there lives may have an easier time adjusting to this new reality.  What do you all think?  

Here is the post if you want to check it.