Who Is Mark Consuelos’ Mother, Camilla Consuelos?

By Aarone Hernandez | Published on: February 23, 2024 | Updated on: February 23, 2024
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Camilla Consuelos is well-known as the celerity mother of the actor Mark Consuelos. Consuelos who is from Italy went through several up and downs throughout her childhood after her parents separated due to the 2nd World War. Despite her early struggle, Mark’s mother Camilla has now a happy life and is blissfully married to her husband Saul for several years.

Here are several other interesting facts you need to know about Camilla.

Key Takeaways

  • Camilla Consuelos was born in Tripoli and spent her childhood in Italy.
  • She moved to Baveno, Lake Maggiore with her mother as a toddler.
  • Camilla met her dad at the age of five.
  • She is married to Saul Consuelos with whom, Consuelos has three children.
  • Camilla is close with her daughter-in-law.

Was Born During 2nd World War

Camilla was born on September 20, 1940, in Tripoli, Libya to her mother Anselmina De Micheli and father Giuseppe De Micheli. At the time of her birth, Second World War had already begun and her birth country Libya was still an Italian Colony.

After the war went so brutal, the Italian government decided to take away children and women from Tripoli. Camilla along with her mom left Tripoli in August 1941 on Germany Military Air Transport Plane, leaving her father Giuseppe alone there. At the time, Consuelos was only 11 months old.

After two years, Camilla received a letter from her husband through the Red Cross.

Met Her Father in 1946

As soon as the war ended in 1945, thousands of people who were separated from their family members were able to get back to their families. However, it wasn’t that easy for Camilla and her mother Anselmina to get to reach their guardian Giuseppe. Unfortunately, they were detained by a British Naval Patrol for illegal entry into the country after they used a boat to go to Siracusa.

Later on, the mom and daughter were taken by the police and transported to the prison camp with many other illegal immigrants. They were kept under control by Sudanese troops.

Soon after, Camilla’s dad hired a lawyer and they were released on probation. After six years, Camilla eventually got a chance to see her father in person which was, undoubtedly one of the best moments of her life.

‘ Married Life With Her Husband Saul Consuelos

Camilla has been married to the U.S. military veteran Saul Consuelos for a long time now. Her husband served as a Navy and Air Force Veteran. However, the couple has kept their relationship details private so there is no information on when and how they met.

However, the picture of the two of them can be found on their children’s social media accounts.

The Consuelos Couple Has Three Children

Camilla and her spouse Saul are blessed with three children two sons Michael Consuelos and Mark Consuelos and one daughter Adriana Consuelos. The oldest son Michael, born in 1968 is a doctor.

Their daughter Adriana, born in 1970 is a lawyer. She currently works as an Assistant General Counsel at ECU Health. The youngest one Mark was born in 1971.

She Shares Good Bond With Her Daughter-In-Law

Camilla is not only a perfect mom but is also the best mother-in-law to Kelly Ripa, Mark’s wife. Ripa, the best friend of David Muir shared an old picture on her Instagram account to wish her ‘Happy Birthday.’ Sharing the picture on her social media, Ripa wrote, ‘I’m lucky to call you my mother-in-law.’

The Consuelos family often goes out for their family vacation.