Who Is Matt Rife’s Girlfriend In 2023? He’s Apparently Dating A New Girl

By Aarone Hernandez | Published on: February 29, 2024 | Updated on: February 29, 2024
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American comedian Matt Rife seems to have found a new girlfriend after his fling with his brief partner Lucy Hale. As per the latest reports from our sources, Matt could be dating actress Jessica Lord. 

But are these speculations true? Besides, he has had a few unsuccessful relationships in the past as well. Just in case, he has found a new partner, is he actually planning to get married? Let’s talk about his girl and his possible future wife.

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Matt Rife Is Dating His Newest Girlfriend Jessica Lord In 2023

Matt is indeed dating Jessica Lord at present. Apart from the reports from PageSix that claim Rife and Lord being together, there are multiple hints that suggest the duo are together in 2023.

In fact, just recently Matt made a cryptic comment on Jessica’s post, where is wrote “LS” in the comment section. While fans interpreted the full form to be “Love Sick”, or “Love Struck”, which may or may not be true. But this definitely leaves a hint that the duo are possibly close to each other.

Jessica Has Already Met Matt’s Family

Looks like Jessica and Matt’s family have already met each other. In the same post of Jessica, one of her friends named Brittany Marie Livingston left the biggest clue in the comment section where she wrote,

It was wonderful to meet you & Matt last-night . Absolutely beautiful ! Hope you & his family had an amazing time here in the cornfield!

Here is the post.

Matt's Rife's Alleged Girlfriend Jessica Lord Insta Post
Matt’s Rife’s Girlfriend Jessica Lord’s Insta Post Hints their Relationship

Having said this, the couple are yet to open up about their alleged relationship. Hopefully, they address their relationship soon. Prior to beginning his relationship with Jessica, Matt was in a brief relationship with “Pretty Little Liars” star Lucy Hale.

Matt Rife & Jessica Lord Getting Married? Any Plans Yet?

Well, as far as the sources have reported, the new couple has no plans to tie the knot as of 2023. Further, in April, Rife told GQ that due to his busy schedule, it is quite challenging to maintain his love and professional life hand in hand. However, he clearly stated he would want to settle down someday in the future,

I do want a wife and a family and a prominent home life that makes me feel comfortable, safe, and is my peace. But when I’m touring six days a week, 52 weeks out of the year, it’s incredibly hard to maintain a relationship.

Matt Rife’s Girlfriend Jessica Lord Is an Actress

Like Matt, his gf Jessica is also into acting. Interestingly enough, the duo who both are in their 20s made their acting debut during the same timeline, i.e. the mid-2010s. While Rife’s debut project came in the year 2014, his lover Lord appeared as a British dancer in The Next Step in 2015.

Since then, the actress has worked on five other projects including Find Me in Paris (2018-20), Party of Five (2020), and more.

Matt Rife Dated His Ex-Girlfriend Kate Beckinsale In The Past

Matt and Kate got into started dating in 2017. The couple had a very noticeable age difference of almost 22 years. Matt was just 22 when he got into a relationship with Kate, whereas she was already 44.

Kate who had started working as an actress in 1991 already had a son when the couple started dating. Despite their questionable age gap, the couple was assumed to me having a smooth relationship, but it was not so.

Matt and Ex-Girlfriend Kate
Matt and his Ex-Girlfriend Kate

Unfortunately, only after a year of dating, the duo separated in a bad term. Later after their separation, Kate began dating Pete Davidson to which Matt commented,

“Advice for Pete? Man to man? Run,”

“Enjoy it while you can. I hope they’re both happy and it can build an established good relationship. I don’t have any solid advice – just be careful.”

There is no cleared-out reason for Matt to make such a comment for Kate. He also mentioned that their relationship was very much complicated, and he is glad that she moved on.

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His Flings

Apart from Kate and Jessica, Rife has had a few short-term relationships with actresses including Spiderman actress, Zendeya and Lucy Hale. However, in both of these relationships, the 27 years old actor & comedian Matt has not made any public statement.

His Gay Rumors

There had been rumors that Matt who lost his dad very early was gay but that is not true. The rumors about him being homosexual came out in 2021 when he tweeted,

If you don’t like gay people, you’re probably out of shape.

The tweet escalated quickly and made people curious about Matt also being gay. But he cleared out how he discovered that he is straight in one of his stand-up comedy shows. This confirmed that Rife is neither gay nor bisexual.


How did Matt Rife and Kate Beckinsale meet?

Rife met his then-girlfriend Kate through a mutual friend.