Who is Ruben Studdard’s Ex-Wife Surata Zuri McCants? Full Bio

By Aarone Hernandez | Published on: February 29, 2024 | Updated on: February 29, 2024
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 Surata Zuri McCants rose to prominence as the ex-wife of Ruben Studdard, a well-known American singer, and actor. The couple was married for 4 years from 2008 to 2011. In addition to being a celebrity spouse, Surata is a former stripper. She is now a flight attendant and an Atlanta Market Manager at SoHo Experiential.

Let’s know more about Surata’s life after her divorce from the former American Idol winner Ruben.

Key Takeaways

  • Zuri McCants is a Native of Atlanta who gained fame after her marriage to Ruben Studdard.
  • She is a flight attendant and also has a large number of Instagram followers making her a fashionista as well.
  • Zuri was a stripper in Atlanta before a flight attendant.
  • Surata is a single mother to her daughter Khobi Maholmes.

‘ Parents and College

She was born on February 30, 1977, in Atlanta, Georgia. Zuri is the oldest child between Joseph McCants and Edith Jefferson. Unfortunately, her parents are now divorced. Despite the fact her mom and dad went their separate ways, McCants has maintained a cordial relationship with both of them.

Besides, she grew up alongside her siblings, three sisters, and a brother. As for her education, McCants studied at the Tri-Cities High School, in Atlanta, Georgi and later graduated from Georgia State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Arts.

Who is Ruben Studdard’s Ex-Wife ?

Zuri is a flight Attendant currently working at Frontline Airlines. Besides this, she is the Owner of Live Love Laugh Travel Concierge and also works at PlaNet Marketing Rep. Not only this but, McCants is also a trainer at Health & Fitness Maven.


Further, on her Instagram, she claims to be a Fashion Fashionista having 31.7k followers on her official account.

Zuri Quit Her Flight Attendance Job After Her Marriage to Ruben

The Atlanta native Surata left her flight attendance job after marrying Ruben. But after ten years of hiatus, Surata applied for the same job in the same company, Southwest Airlines. Luckily enough, she also got selected out of 40,000 applicants as a flight attendant.

Surata Is Now a Market Manager at SoHo Experiential

She started her career in the Soho Experiential after graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Arts in October 2010 and has since been highly committed to the company. Zurihas also been a Personal Trainer and Good Health Consultant at Gymstone Athletic.

She Also Worked in The Entertainment Industry

In 2006, Studdard won the popular talent show, leading her to be a part of Nelly’s Tip Drill video. After being one of the dancers in Belly’s video, she became one of the solid staples on the Atlanta entertainment scene too.

Rumors say that she also was a stripper before turning flight attendant.

Ruben’s First Wife Zuri Is A Breast Cancer Survivor

McCants was diagnosed with breast cancer in October 2019. This might be a case of hereditary as only in March 2019 she lost her Aunt Yvette to cancer.

When Surata found out about her disease, she was more afraid for her daughter of what side effects this would emotionally and mentally have on Khobi rather than Zuri losing her battle with cancer.

In her journey, she went through chemotherapy and lost all her hair. Being diagnosed with breast cancer, she lost both her breasts too. After her full recovery, she has implanted new breasts and now they are getting into natural shape.

As soon as she overcame the deadly disease, she thanked her good friends for their support as without them it would have been impossible for her. Today, she is cancer free.

Zuri is Famous For Marrying American Idol Winner Ruben

McCaints became famous worldwide after she married the then-newly crowned American Idol, Ruben Studdard. They tied the knot on June 28, 2008, at Canterbury United Methodist Church in the Tony Mountainbrook neighborhood of Birmingham.

The couple had a Southern-themed wedding. Ruben had 20 groomsmen while Zuri also had several of her bridesmaid. For their big day, Ruben wore a black tuxedo with a bow tie while his bride was dashing in a white and ivory wedding gown.

Where did Zuri and Ruben Meet?

Zuri met his future husband when he was singing CDs at a Walmart in Atlanta in October 2006. After seeing her, Studdard was struck by Zuri’s beauty. And they tied the knot after 2 years of togetherness.

Their Divorce

After 3 years of their marriage, Ruben filed for divorce from his wife. Legally, they separated in January 2012. While their divorce has become a piece of public news, the cause has remained confidential from both sides to date.

After their split, Studdard is now married to his new wife Kristin Moore-Studdard.

The Exes Signed Up a Prenup

Zuri didn’t receive Alimont because of the prenup they signed before their marriage in 2008. The court didn’t order him to pay, but Zuri got her wedding dress, a 2006 BMW, $10k dollars in a property settlement, $2k for attorney fees, and some photo albums.

Do Surata and Her Ex-Husband Ruben Share A Baby?

No, the pair don’t share any kids, however, Ruben had become the stepfather of McCants’ daughter, Khobi Maholmes, from a previous relationship. Born on August 8, 2001, Khobi graduated from Georgia State University in 2018.

She went to Wheeler High School.

Who is Zuri McCants Dating Now?

Ruben’s ex-wife Surata has not revealed her partner yet but we can say that she is seeing someone because on her Instagram she posted a caption saying “When Zaddy can’t make it to the game so you take your Daddy instead” Besides this, she has not posted anything about her “Zaddy”.

Net Worth Of

She is reported to have a net worth of around $1 million. She has earned her fortune from her different professional backgrounds as a flight attendant, professional fitness trainer, and others.

The house she is currently living in today at Georgia is an average of $430,000. Meanwhile, her ex-hubby Ruben Studdard’s net worth is $5 million.