Who Is Sam Altman’s Wife? His Boyfriend and Dating Life

By Cannon | Published on: March 2, 2024 | Updated on: March 2, 2024
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All of you mind be well-known about the hottest topic of conversation, Open AI and its CEO Sam Altman. Sam has gained much popularity as increased the hype of Chat GPT. It also makes people curious about if Sam is married or not. If yes, find out who is Altman’s wife. 

Let’s find the truth here!

Key Takeaways:

  • Altman isn’t married to a wife right now nor has talked about his future wedding plans.
  • He is currently dating his boyfriend named Oliver Mulherin. Like him, his bf is also into computers.
  • Prior to Mulherin, Sam dated his business partner Nick Sivo.

Who Is Sam Altman’s Wife?

As mentioned earlier, the CEO of Open AI, Sam does not have a wife at present. Since Altman tries to keep his life pretty secretive, we do not have information about his romantic life.

Sam has been rather successful in establishing himself as one of the biggest entrepreneurs at a very young age. Many might assume that the entrepreneur might be too busy to have a spouse and a family.

So, it also might be the main reason for him not being married to the date, but it is not so.

Read more to know the real reason behind it.

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The Reason Sam Altman Doesn’t Have A Wife; He is Gay

Addressing your eagerness to know the true reason behind Altman not having a wife, now might have cleared up. This 39-year-old bright AI personality discovered himself to be homosexual in his teenage.

He first came out to his parents as a teenager. Altman who was born into the state of Missouri belonged to a supportive family. Since both of his parents were well-educated and settled, they immensely supported their son when Sam was struggling with his sexual orientation.

Although being such a famous face in the computer world, Sam is not available on social media. It seems that the former Loopt co-founder likes to keep his life lowkey and secret.

Is Sam Altman Dating Anyone in 2023? His Past And Present Boyfriends

Altman is now dating his Australian boyfriend, Oliver Mulherin. Similar to Sam, his bf too works in the field of computers. Oliver is a software engineer.

Altman's bf Oliver's single picture
Sam’s partner Oliver.

However, we do not have a concrete clue on how and when the couple met each other but one can assume that they might have met through their similar field of occupation.

Before getting with his present partner Oliver, Sam dated Nick Sivo. Sam and his ex-partner Niko cofounded the company Loopt in 2005. Sadly, the company closed due to its inability to attract customers.

Altman and his former partner Nick
Sam and previous beau Nick.

With the failure of the company, the duo too broke up after being in a relationship for 9 years.

About Sam Altman’s Boyfriend, Oliver Mulherin

As mentioned earlier, Sam and Oliver belong to the same field of occupation. His partner Oliver has worked at IOTA Foundation as a software engineer since the year 2017. He first worked as a software developer.

Oliver is an Australian citizen and grew up there. He holds a bachelor’s degree in computing and software Systems from the University of Melbourne.

Altman and His Partner Oliver Live Together in San Francisco

Sam shares a house with his partner Mulherin on Russian Hill in the heart of San Francisco. They love to spend most of their Fridays, in the ranch on a quiet spot among the rocky, grass-covered hills.