Who Is Vinnie Hacker’s Girlfriend? His Tattoo, Parents, and Net Worth

By Aarone Hernandez | Published on: February 13, 2024 | Updated on: February 13, 2024
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TikTok star Vinnie Hacker sure does get the perks of fame but the queries about his girlfriend come the other way around. Even though the American internet personality has yet to publicly admit a relationship, the dating rumors won’t stop barging in.

Over the years, Hacker saw many alleged relationship claims, among which, his linkup with Faith Ordway got quite an attention. While none of his rumored girlfriends ever turned out to be real, fans are not sitting with their arms crossed until they find one.

Also know about Vinnie’s tattoos, parents, and more in the article below!

Key Takeaways

  • Vinnie Hacker is not dating anyone in 2023 despite numerous claims of his girlfriend being a fellow TikTok star.
  • His mother Mari Hacker worked as a dispatcher and his father Nate Hacker worked as an electrician.
  • Hacker’s brother Reggie is also a Tiktok star.
  • He is a tattoo lover.
  • Vinnie has an estimated net worth of $2 million.
  • Hacker’s parents have been married since 1999.

Who is Vinne Hacker’s Girlfriend In 2023?

No, Vinne Hacker seemingly doesn’t have a girlfriend; he is not dating anyone officially at the moment. On his Instagram, the TikTok star rather seems to be enjoying his time with his girlfriend. Even though he has had rumors of dating, none of them ever stood on true grounds.

Were Vinne Hacker and Faith Ordway Boyfriend And Girlfriend?

Faith and Vinnie were rumored to be dating each other but they haven’t revealed anything about their relationship. Their rumor came up in November 2020 when they both posted TikTok videos.

After the video went viral the negative comments flooded for Faith and she even tweeted writing ‘I’m done with all the hate and people trying to put dirt on my name.’

Dating Rumors With Nikita Dragun

One of the famous alleged romantic linkups of Vinne was with Belgian-American model, make-up artist & YouTuber Nikita Dragun. They both were members of ‘The Hype House’ and knew each other from there in 2021. After Nikita posted pictures on her Instagram the rumor about their relationship started. But, they haven’t mentioned anything about their relationship.

Moreover, the social media personality’s name was also linked with singer Olivia Rodrigo.

Were Hacker And Renata Ri In A Relationship?

Despite massive fan claims about the relationship between Vinnie and Russian TikTok star Renata Ri, he has repeatedly denied dating her. Moreover, he addressed the fan theory that he was the reason that Ri joined the Hype House.

Who Is Vinnie Hacker?

Born on July 14, 2002, Vinnie Cole Hacker is an American social media star and a TikTok personality. He gained popularity by showing off his tattoo in a lip-sync and selfie-style video on his TikTok. He started creating Tiktok videos in 2019 and since he has gained a million followers.

With his growing popularity, he got a chance to do collaborative videos with the TikTok group ‘The University of Diversity’ and ‘Sway Gaming.’ He even got signed in the Netflix documentary ‘Hype House’, ‘What the TikTok, Social Gloves: Battle of the Platforms’, and ‘Another Day, More Skateboarding.’

Owns A Clothing Brand

Popular as an internet personality, Vinnie started up his clothing brand called Purgatory in December 2020. According to the brand’s website, the shop offers a variety of collections like t-shirts, hoodies, hats, and tote bags.

Won In A Boxing Match

Vinnie joined the Battle of the Platforms boxing match on June 12, 2021, against the YouTuber Deji Olatunji in Miami, Florida. Hacker won the boxing match with a TKO in round three.

Where Did He Study?

The TikTok star, of Irish and Scottish origin,┬ástudied at O’Dea High School and graduated from the University of Diversity in Jersey. During high school, he was interested in sports and played baseball games for his school.

Who Are Vinnie Hacker’s Parents?

His mom Maria Hacker worked as a 911 dispatcher and his father Nate Hacker worked as an electrician. They married on September 13, 1999, in a beautiful wedding venue in front of their friends and family.

They became parents for the first time when they welcomed their son Vinnie Hacker in 2002 and welcomed their son Reggie Hacker in 2004. Maria and Nate celebrated their 22nd marriage anniversary on September 13, 2021.

Vinni’s parents are active on social media platforms and they are open about their personal life. They have shared their family’s picture on their Instagram account.

His Siblings

Vinnie has one younger brother Reggie Hacker who was born on September 8, 2004, in Seattle, Washington. Like his older brother, Reggie is also a TikTok star who posts a comedic video.

He has 158.7k followers and 1.4 million likes on his TikTok account.

Vinnie Hacker’s Tattoo

He has different types of tattoos on his body. He got his first tattoo when he was at the age of 18 on his left hand. Vinnie has two inked tattoos on his arm, the first one is the ‘creation of Adam’ and the second one is from the anime called Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure. As he grew up catholic, the creation of Adam’s tattoo was one of his favorites.

The social media star has a back angel wing tattoo on his back part of the body.

Tattoo On His Hand

He has also made tattoos for his mom, dad, and brother. He has a VB-16 tattoo in his hand which was for his friend who passed away in his high school.

The next one is ‘God won’t you wake me up’ which is the lyrics of the song that was released during that time and one of his favorite lyrics. The tattoo ‘scorpion and rose’ in his hand is a flash piece his artist combined. Shortly after the scorpion and rose tattoo he inked the ‘Made to Heaven’ tattoo which is kind of more like a catholic thing.

He has a gun tattoo that is pointing toward him and a snake tattoo around his arm.

Tattoo On His Body

Vinnie has a Spider and Brand of Sacrifice anime tattoo on his chest. Down below his neck, he has a snake tattoo and a spade tattoo on his waist. On the rib side, he has a ‘flash piece from Arbel.’ In his chest, he has inked ‘Break my Heart’.

Vinnie Hacker’s Net Worth

Vinnie has a net worth of $2 million. His primary source of income is from his social media platform where he has 15.5 million followers and 1 billion likes on Tiktok. Also, he earns a good sum of money from his clothing brand.